Eat More Vegetables (and much less rice!)

I have been in Korea for a month now and many old feelings are starting to creep back. Most are good ones as I am so happy to be living overseas, traveling and having more independence. But then there are the bad feelings, food ones to be specific, okay not just food but rice. Too much damn rice!!!


They just love it so much


That should come as no surprise, Asians love their rice. In Korea rice is power and they really do believe that not eating it every day will leave you unsatisfied. Now I do love rice, much more then the average Western does, but eating something every day can take the enjoyment out of it. We get lunch provided at school which makes everything easier and can be seen as very rude if you refuse it. As a vegetarian I am unable to eat everything that we are offered. Usually there is a soup with some sort of meat/seafood base and a meat based dish in addition to a few side dishes. I always take the rice, whatever side dishes I can and bring some fruit or nuts to tide me over. This seems reasonable but I am ending every lunch feeling so gross and bloated from all that rice. I probably only eat a cup of it but when it comes down to it the rice the key aspect of my lunch. Not to mention days like today the side dishes consist of sweet potatoes – delicious but such a carbtastic feast!!


In Asia it has not been uncommon to find myself eating fries and ice-cream for lunch – living the dream I had when I was 6 years old!


I miss vegetables!!! Back home and in China vegetables made up most of my lunch, I am the queen of roast veggie salads and can turn a stir fry into an amazing meal. Now I am eating probably one serving of vegetables before dinnertime and zero-little protein, not the best of diets!!


this face can just convey the way I am feeling for so many problems


 I have decided that now is the time for a change or I will become tired, sick and a grumpy bitch. Diets are, in my opinion, stupid as they limit what you can eat and just result in constant day dreams about whatever it is you are denying yourself before a big ass binge. Rather then focus on what I need to eat less off, I am focusing on what I need more of. This is a mantra that Caitlyn from healthytippingpoint follows and I love how it is much more do-able then a diet ( I will still be grabbing a small portion of rice at lunch time (lets face it if I don’t eat any carbs during the day I am not going to be any better off), but will be bringing a salad, roast vegetables, nuts, fruit and whatever else I can find in this crazy country to keep me going. Today for example I grabbed a vegetable juice on my way to work, a decision I was so thankful for after seeing only rice+potatoes on my lunch tray. I am also holding out for when I can buy a blender, spinach smoothies I miss you!!


banana kebabs for lunch, I miss you

What I really need to work on are ways to get more protein into my diet. Any suggestions are welcome!

If you have been feeling like your diet is lacking a bit lately then I urge you to try the adding not subtracting train of thought – and while you’re at it please share your tricks and ideas for getting more fruit, vegetables or whatever into your days. Here’s to a positive week!!


bring it on Korea



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