Pimp That Cake

Look at that glistening beauty.


When I flipped this out of the cake pan today I said to my family ‘I don’t even care if this tastes terrible, it looks amazing.’ Luckily it tastes pretty damn good too! and it is vegan yay!!


This cake is a perfect balance of sweet and savory. Pretty pears and a sprinkle of berries atop a beautifully soft cake that has just a hint of banana. This is a fruity dessert with a hint of nuttiness just to balance it out. Plus it looks pretty darn cool. Go make it now!!


– 4 ripe pears
– 1/4 cup of berries (if you don’t have any they can be omitted)
– 2 TB agave nectar (or honey if you aren’t a strict vegan)
– 1/2 cup sugar
– 1 1/2 cups mashed banana
– 1/2 cup oil
– 1 cup all purpose flour
– 1/3 cup instant polenta

The How To

– Oil a cake tin and sprinkle a tad of sugar over the bottom. Peel and cut the peers then line them in the cake tin. Sprinkle berries over top.
– Drizzle the agave/honey over the fruit. It will look very fancy like so…


– Mix the sugar and banana together. Slowly add in the oil until it is well blended.
– Fold in the flour and polenta. Mix it all together.
– Pour over the fruit and pop it in the oven for 40 minutes at 180degrees (or untill cooked, you know the drill).
– When it is ready let it cool for ten minutes. No serious this time. It will make it much easier to get out of the pan without it falling apart. When you are ready, muster up your confidence and flip the pan onto a cutting board. If something does go a bit weird and it falls apart, who cares! Cut, eat, enjoy, love.


Oh so good!


If you aren’t too sure about polenta don’t let it scare you off. Polenta can be found in grocery stores, usually in the health food section. It is a yellow crushed grain that tastes pretty good. In this case it adds a little bit of a nutty flavour to balance out the sweetness of the fruit. It does give the cake a little bit of texture as well when you eat it.

So if you want to impress people I totally recommend this!! Very easy and it has fruit plus is vegan, so somewhere in your mind you can forgive yourself for eating it, fruit is healthy after all…


Weird Things I Have Found in Asia

My I am tired today! I know this because I just started at the word Asia for a long time convinced that it isn’t spelt that way. Good job English teacher! 

I have travelled throughout Asia for a few years now and seen some really funny things, and some that are just plain strange. So today I thought I would share the laughter and post a few of the weirdest/funniest things that I have come across in Asia. I am sure somewhere out there a Korean blogger is posting the strangest things she has found in the Western world.



-There is a super cool concept in Korea of cat and dog cafes. If you don’t have a pet (which many can’t due to there apartment sizes), you can go to this cafe and just play with cute little fluff balls all day long. It may sound ick but the animals are very well groomed and trained, and the area is very clean with hand sanitiser on every table. Anyway this particular cafe had a translation mistake at the bottom of their list of rules – ‘Don’t bother eating cats.’ I love this because it makes it sound like you can but don’t bother because they aren’t delicious enough. 

ImageCoffee and cats, genius.


– I saw this on my placemat at a bar. It is an ad for non-alcoholic beer so don’t worry!! But seriously this is messed up advertising, partly because of the concept and partly because of the stupid way they have photoshopped these ladies so they look pregnant.


– Did the colonel do something to his hair? Copyright laws are just non-existent in Korea.



– This store sold hair accessories and makeup, not STDs.




– oh Japan, you so funny. This was at the Tokyo Dome – a place many tourists visit – which makes me wonder why no one has fixed this and why they didn’t try to get it right. It was outside a burger restaurant called Vicky’s, make sense of it what you can.



– There is a clothing chain called Mexican and their logo is the little sleeping guy with the sombrero. Some may think this is just funny, I thought it was a little bit wrong.


– Tofu jerky!!! It’s tofu all dried and put in a packet with spicy sauce. Delicious but slightly odd.


– This is just so god damn amazing. At exit to an underground mall there was a picture of these little guys on the floor. The fat guy pointed towards the escalator, and the skinny one to the stairs. This seemed illogical to me, but I felt like I could not take the escalator or I would be telling people I am a fatty westerner.


– Well this is one way to make sure kids don’t touch the conveyor belt in a supermarket, and one way to scare the crap out of them when it comes to doing groceries.


– Are your breasts tense? Don’t worry there’s something for that. A bust roller, to help work those knots out of your chest.


– KFC in China consists of burger, fries and porridge. Awesome.


– A notebook that I had to purchase. It really points out the seriousness of teenage depression. Whatever happened to just ‘the sun shines on you’ or some Hallmarky shit like that.


– I saw a guy riding this horse and cart down a main road. Kick ass.



– Yum!

Finding funny differences like this between out countries, isn’t that what travelling is all about?  Happy Sunday!




Things to be happy about this weekend

When you’re feeling blue it can be a bit hard to look at the positives. When that happens and I have a bad day where I start to think that everything I have done has been the wrong decision and my life isn’t on the right track (you know that feeling), I find the best thing to do is think about simple things that can still make you smile. If there are things in my life that make me happy then everything will be okay. So this weekend…

Image– Beer fest! It was the beer festival in Christchurch today. I went and had an awesome time, it was sunny and there were so many different beers to try. The highlight – a hazelnut brown ale. My oh my it was good!


– Green tea with strawberry (gotta balance out that beer right?). I just bought this the other day and it is rocking my world right now. You can’t even taste the green tea which makes it really easy to drink.

– I discovered the cruelty free shop NZ http://thecrueltyfreeshop.co.nz/daily-specials.html, they sell a vegan mars bar. That is just awesome.


– My in-laws dog. If you have a pet or super cool animal in your life then you know how just hanging around them can make you smile. Everytime I see Bella I just melt and talk in a weird voice that I later hate myself for.


– Operationbeautiful.com I posted this a few weeks ago at a school and sent in the picture to Caitlin. She put it up on the site and used it in one of her posts on healthytippingpoint.com. I feel special! If you haven’t posted a note before go to the site and see how it works, sharing a bit of love makes you feel better about yourself and the world.

– I discovered pandora radio this week and my life got way better. Particularly when I found out that they have a show tunes station. I listened so so much, it was muscials and Disney songs on repeat all day at work and it was fanfuckingtastic.

I hope your weekend is going good, if it is not maybe stop and think about a few things that make you happy or you are thankful for. It might just make you smile.

Raisin and Cranberry Scone Goodness

Today I had a day off, yay!! I always say that I am just going to relax on a day off but I always end up cleaning or doing little annoying tasks like driving people to and from work (no names will be given). Today I wanted to do something that I like, so I baked…

Melt in your mouth scones that are slightly sweet with a hint of orange, perfect for an afternoon snack!



These babies were good, and very easy to make. I followed Caitlin’s recipe http://www.healthytippingpoint.com/2010/10/project-food-blog-challenge-3.html but changed it just a tiny bit. I think you should make these, make them now!


1 cup white flour

1 cup wholemeal flour

pinch of salt

5 TB margarine

1/4 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 egg

4 TB milk

1/4 cup raisins

1/4 cup cranberries

1/3 cup of orange juice

1 TB orange rind


– First things first, soak the raisins and cranberries in the orange juice. Just to plump them up a little, maybe for 15 minutes.

– Sift the flours, salt, baking powder and cinnamon. Add the margarine and give it a good mix. You may need to use your hands to make sure that the margarine doesn’t just sit there in clumps.

– Mix the egg and milk, add to the flour and give it a good stir. 

– Add the raisins, cranberries, juice and orange rind. Mix it all up.

– Roll out the dough onto a floured surface, cut into circles, triangles or however you like your scones to look. Sprinkle a bit of brown sugar on top because lets face it that makes everything taste better.

– Bake at 175 degrees for about 12 minutes.


These were really yummy. I always wish I could follow recipes that say ‘wait until the end result has cooled down to taste’ but I can’t and so I wont tell you to. I ate half of one as soon as I pulled it out of the oven because they smelt so good. I have no regrets.


The Tale of an Arts Graduate

the Teddy Bear Museum in Korea has an amazing art gallery.

the Teddy Bear Museum in Korea has an amazing art gallery.

While I have been at home enduring the long and painful wait to process my visa, I managed to get a few weeks work in an art gallery. Nothing major, just helping to open shows and do some writing, keeping me busy and giving me a little bit of cash. Now I know that it is only a temporary job and nothing to take too seriously, but I do have an educational background in this type of work and I have worked in a  gallery before. Bottom line, this girl knows what she is doing. So imagine my dismay when I turned up today and was told “the floor is so dirty, can you vacuum and then mop it?”


Part of me wanted to say something witty like “oh sorry I never passed my paper on how to mop a gallery floor,” another part of me wanted to do it all smiles and them run the mop down one of the art works (my that would make me feel like a bad ass, all those years of not being aloud to touch them). Instead I spent hours cleaning the gallery and awkwardly talking to patrons about the artists. 

Now I know that the job market is tough out there and that we need to start at the bottom, but sometimes it seems like people in their early 20s are taken advantage of. We worked just as hard as anyone else to graduate, often we have fresh ideas and new motivation to bring to the job, and instead we get give the crappiest tasks. A lot of the time we aren’t even getting paid – I know I have spend many hours sitting in a cold gallery as an intern, just so I can add it to my CV. 

It has me thinking, when is that big break, the turning point where you can actually feel like you are contributing to your job and have some value there. My friends and I have been out of University for about three years now, we survived our first jobs and got over the jitters that come with working in the real world. Now it feels like nothing is changing and wont be for a long long time. I find this really disheartening and it is partly what turned me off pursuing the arts world for a job. We start so motivated and excited to be there, but when you give a new graduate a crappy job like mopping the floors or cutting out labels, they are going lose a lot of ambition. These are the types of things that I was doing when I was a student because they gave me some references and would help me later on, it makes you wonder what that degree was for in the first place.

I feel like we are judged because of our ages, for two reasons

1) we are young, therefore should be appreciative to even have a job and it shouldn’t matter how much we get paid (which is good for the employer)

2) We are young, therefore we will fuck things up. Partly because we would rather be in bed sleeping of a hangover then at work (because that’s what all us 20 somethings do right), and also because we have no experience.

This last one fires me up because I see our lack of experience as a good thing. For me, the art world is full of middle aged men who write and talk about the same old crap, they don’t like change. Younger employees have fresh ideas and a new passion for the job. yeah there are some people who don’t care about their job that much and would rather be at home, but part of that is the employers fault isn’t it? Shouldn’t you be motivating your staff instead of discouraging them. Right now I feel like I wont get anywhere if I continue to work in art galleries, the feeling of suffocation and mind-numbing boredom that drove me to Asia



teaching colours through dominos is much more fun then cleaning.

teaching colours through dominos is much more fun then cleaning.

So what are we to do?

– I guess we could just suck it up and wait for things to happen. It is true that dedication to a job will impress your boss. If you keep at it you are showing him/her that you want to be there and are serious. However this can be a little risky, you don’t want to get labeled as that employee whose fine where they are – let your ambitions known. Tell your boss, manager, whoever that you want to get ahead in this field, perhaps ask them about their background and how they started. This lets them know that you are serious and keeps you at the back of their mind.

-Be professional. Yeah that sounds lame and cheesy, as does the saying ‘dress for the job you want not the job you have.’ But to be honest this is good advice. I do feel like 20 somethings aren’t looked at too seriously by a lot of people, my friend had a job interview recently where she was asked several times how often she went out, drank, and had called in sick in the past year. I understand an employers concern but man it is annoying when they do this! Instead of getting really frustrated at this judgement, show them how mature you are and rub your amazingness in their face. Dress professionally, turn up on time, do your work thoroughly and efficiently – most important don’t get hammered on a work night! Turning up with a hangover is not going to work in your favour. Maybe wait until you have been there few years and have a good position, then do it (kidding).

– Don’t sell yourself short. With a first job particularly it is easy to just tell them what they want to hear, “sure I don’t mind doing a few dishes the night after an opening/making coffee for everyone/any other basic task that has nothing to do with my background or this job.” While it is important to make yourself flexible with a first job, it is equally important to let them know you aren’t just another 20 something graduate. There is no shame in telling your boss “I see this position as a chance for me to expand my skills and eventually move on to a higher position within the company.”

think about your interview and really plan it.

think about your interview and really plan it.

– Same goes for that question “where do you see yourself in five years?” This question, or some variation of it, seems to be a token for most interviews. I have never liked it because my automatic reaction was to say something to help me get the job, something like “still working here, I am ready to settle into a position.” When we do this we don’t really make much of an impression other then label ourselves as a person who isn’t aiming that high. A much better answer? “I would like to be working as a (insert desired job here), overseeing tasks such as (insert super cool and important jobs).” Make sure they know that you don’t want to be at the bottom level for too long.

-Already in a job? First point would be to talk to your manager or whoever. Let them know that you are serious and ask them how you could help your career. If they don’t want to help you then something is seriously wrong with them, all businesses should want their staff to learn and move up in the company.

– Use your initiative. Don’t be afraid to take your ideas and tell people about them. Letting senior staff know of an idea you have is such an easy way to get noticed as a bright young person. There really is no such thing as a stupid idea so don’t feel shy, these people were once in the same position as you and might be able to offer insight and help to get your idea off the ground.

move on to something better

move on to something better

– Know when to move on. There are some jobs that are just crappy. Maybe your boss is taking advantage of your age and doesn’t really care if you move up in the company or not. If you let your ambitions known and are still finding yourself doing useless tasks after several months it may be time to leave. At your next job you can explain to them why you left, that despite all of your experience and background you were still being treated as an intern and you want to be seen as a professional. It is only going to make you look serious and committed to your next employer.

I hope this helps and that you do manage to turn your job into a career. As for me? Today I vacuumed the floors, cleaned up all the wine and glasses from last nights gallery opening; then wrote a free lance review of the show which I will try to get published. If we don’t make things happen for ourselves, who will?

Hippy Love


Wouldn’t you just love to go watch some music with the hills and a lush sun as your background? 
ImageNow how beautiful is that? 

Yesterday I went to the classic hits winery tour with the boys mum and sister. It was pretty much the bomb, awesome music + a back drop that doesn’t even look real + wine. A win all around. 

The weather was perfect which is actually amazing if you know anything about Christchurch. We bought some seats and nibbles, parked ourselves down and relaxed with a glass of wine. 


Maybe too many glasses of wine because things got a little messy. 


There’s something about an outdoor gig that makes you feel so relaxed and hippy-ish. Particularly when a reggae/dub band like Fat Freddys Drop are on. Shoes were removed and dancing was done. It was fantastic.

Going to something like this a few weeks before I leave for Korea made me kind of sad. The landscape was so crazy beautiful and I really do love NZ music. It’s so relaxed and the artists are really down to earth. A highlight was Anika Moa who kept cracking jokes, at one point when another guitarist asked her how she was doing she replied ‘my tits are really sweaty’. I have a total girl crush on her which is okay seeing as she does like girls. Side note, it is awesome being in a country where no one gives a shit about your sexuality. Anika Moa is married to a girl and is preggers with their third child. No one cares, no one protests or says it wrong; instead she gets cheers when she mentions that it was pride day recently.


Hippy feet photo, they were disgustingly dirty when I woke up total but surely that’s the sign on a good outdoor gig. 

The music was perfect, I love Fat Freddys Drop and had never managed to see them live so I was super excited. They did not disappoint, everything they played was crazy good and how amazing is the lead singers voice? So smooth and sexy! The only bad thing about the event was the food. We had an early dinner/late lunch at 4pm(!) because we knew it probably wouldn’t offer that much and it was the best decision. The food for sale was pizza (meat), bacon sammies, American hot dogs and candy floss. The only veggie option I could see was hot chips and I get really sick of eating them at events like this. But you can’t have wine without cheese so we had bought a few things to nibble on and soak up the booze – maybe we should have bought more food.


Some really, over the top peppery cheese. Not the best compliment to wine. 

So yeah, I had a typical NZ day that made me sad I am leaving! I really do miss stupid things about home when I am in Asia, like how green and purdy it is, and how kick ass the stars are at night. Sometimes I think we get so excited about looking forward and where we will be in the future that we don’t realise how fantastic the present is. I know I do that a lot, always thinking about how I can’t wait to go overseas, not stopping to appreciate where I am now is actually pretty good. Yesterday definitely reminded me to look around every now and then and enjoy being where I am. Hope your weekend was beautiful in its own way.






Good Music makes for a Happy Run

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is putting on your running shoes and getting out the door.


who wants to run in this!


I grew up hating running, in fact I lost my school cross country because a friends and I chose to walk the entire thing. I just did not see the point in it, running sucked and it did not seem to love me so why bother. However all of the blogs that I read on a regular basis are written by women who run. Not only do they run but they started out as non-runners just like me. It really did motivate me to try running and see if I could actually start to tolerate it and maybe one day love it. So long story short I started to couch to 5k and found myself able to run, and I actually liked it (the change it had on my body helped that a lot). Now that I run every week I am finding myself in that slump where you need a little bit of drive each run or they all start to feel the same.

For me music is a huge factor. I know some people prefer to run sans ipod and have some meditative experience where its just them and their bodies, but that just doesn’t work with me. I need music and I need to change it a lot to make the run more interesting.

-One thing that helps is changing my music regularly. If you listen to the same playlist in the exact same order then it gets to easy to think about previous runs. I start thinking to myself  ‘but the other day I was halfway down the street when Lady GaGa came on, damnit I’m slow!’ Changing it up makes the whole thing much more interesting and distract you from the actual run.

– Put music aside just for running. This sounds lame but I find that it really helps me out the door. I will download some new songs that I really love and leave them in a running playlist that I can only listen to when I am on the pavement. It is a little easier to go outside when I am thinking to myself ‘yay Legally Blonde soundtrack, if I run then I can listen to it’ (no seriously, great running music).

– Don’t be embarrassed about what you are listening too! There are some artists that I think are terrible and wouldn’t really have playing in the background at home, but when I run they are perfect. Listen to what keeps you going on the run and who cares is some people might think are lame.

– Cheesy songs are totally okay. Tunes like the theme from Rocky make you feel bad ass when you run. Secret shame, I like live versions because you can hear the audience cheering and I can pretend they are cheering for me… ahhh I am lame, but it works!

– Nothing wrong with singing out loud!


Songs I love to run too…

Pink – Raise your Glass

Pink – So What

The Killers – Mr Brightside

Christina Aguilera – Your Body

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance

Florence and the Machine – Dog Days are Over

Gossip – Heavy Cross

Ke$ha – Blow

Tina Turner – Get it On

Legally Blonde Soundtrack – So Much Better

Legally Blonde Soundtrack – Whipped into Shape

Jay Z and Kanye West – Ni**as in Paris

RENT soundtrack – Out Tonight

Goldfrapp – Alive

Cher Lloyd – Want you Back

Jay-Z – 99 problems

Miranda Lambert – Gunpowder and Lead

So I hope you have a super kick ass run!


much more appealing


Easy English Muffins to make you drool

Hot English Muffins just oozing with butter that just melts in your mouth. Who needs chocolate for valentines day when you can steam up the kitchen with these babies!

This year I made myself one of those 101 things to do in 2013 lists. I feel like the list keeps me a bit focused and gives me some minor goals to achieve, as opposed to a big as new years resolution which I would probably not keep. I’ll type it up later, but one of the things on my list was to bake 5 new things. I love baking as a way of relaxing but I always make the same types of thing (my mocha chocolate muffins have been perfected), I also wanted to bake something with yeast because I never have and for some weird reason it intimidates me. I just keep expecting yeast to not rise properly and them I am left feeling like a fool. So today I baked with yeast, and it was a success, I now feel like sexy master of the kitchen Nigella Lawson.


fabulous world play


These are super easy. They do take a lot of time however, mostly waiting for the yeast to do its thing, so I recommend making them on a weekend or when you have a spare 3 hours.


Super Sexy English Muffins

3/4 cup of milk

3/4 cup of water

1 tsp sugar

3 tsp yeast

4 cups of flour

1 tsp salt

2 TB melted butter

1 egg, beaten

– Heat the milk so it is warm, not  boiling just warm to touch. Dissolve the sugar into the milk and add the water, give it a good wee mix. Sprinkle the yeast over the top but don’t mix it in. Now for the first test, cover the bowl and leave in a warm place for 10 minutes. It should rise and go all foamy

– Time to get down and dirty! Sift the flour and add the butter, egg and yeast mixture. Give it a good stir. Place the dough on a floured surface and knead for about 10 minutes. Stick your chest out and go to town on that dough just like Nigella would. It is also a good wee workout.

– Run some hot water through a bowl to warm it up and place the dough inside. It will look all sad like this…

Image – Cover and leave in a warm spot for an hour. This is the part where I thought it would go wrong, but instead I came back to find this…


– It worked!

– Knead the dough for a minute and then roll out, now you can cut out the muffins. I just used a cup to make a circle shape but next time I think I will get creative.


– And now you get to wait again! Place the muffs in a warm space for 30 minutes – they will puff up a little more.


– Check out my soft sexy muffs! Heat a frying pan and melt some butter. The muffins are cooked this way but very very slowly. I used a low heat and fried each one for about 5 minutes per side. Then you can cut them open, melt some almond butter and get it going!



and if these don’t satisfy you then maybe this picture of a disheveled Ryan Gosling will.

Hope you had a happy valentines day!

Under Pressure

Question, when you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?


I did not want to be a fake airport worker that’s for sure

Even bigger question, what do you want to be now?

My whole life I always saw having a job and a career as something that would just magically fall into my lap when I finished High School (along with a million dollars, a perfect man and a perfect body- you know what it’s like). When I went off to University to study journalism, I still had that mentality that when I actually did complete my degree I would get a job and everything would just work out. Little did I know…

My first year of University was spent changing my major so.many.times. I was going to be a journalist, teacher, something in advertising and then finally an art historian. I ended up graduating with my honours degree in art history and set out to find a job in an art gallery. Then I found out two things

1) There are a ton of young girls like me graduating with a degree in art history every year, and hardly any jobs.

2) I hate working in the art world!

It was so upsetting to come all this way and then realise that I really did not want to do this forever. I still really love art, but what I like is how it shapes history and can tell us so much about a culture or event. What I didn’t enjoy was working in a tiny gallery, taking to artists who just want to make money and people who buy a painting because it matches the colour of their drapes. It sucked, and I had no idea what to do with myself.



I feel like there is a huge pressure on out generation that our parents didn’t have to endure. We were built up with the idea that studying after High School was the ultimate pathway, that it would ensure a job and life would be great. Unfortunately, we were all told this, and while 20 years ago a girl with a degree in art history could get a fantastic job, now she is forced to do mundane office work that doesn’t require any qualifications – it is a huge slap in the face.

The other problem is that in the rush to graduate, I think most of us jump into the first course that appeals. When it comes down to it, how many people do you know who never once changed their degree or major and really enjoy the work they are doing now? I know that I was not alone amongst my friends when I kept dropping out of papers and taking on new ones.

Part of the problem is that 17 is just too young. I know I have changed so much since I was 17, the person I was when I graduated was a completely different to the girl that walked up and accepted her honours degree. University is the place that shapes you, it’s where you make life long friends and discover what it is that makes you passionate and could turn into a career. So why are we expected to decide on that before we actually get there. Plus the cost of an education is insanely high nowadays, I know many people who start something, don’t enjoy it but will continue because they have spent so much on their fees.


For me, I went overseas to teach English which has been the best decision I ever made. I got through my difficult patch by realising these simple things.

1) No one knows what they want to do, you are not alone! It is totally normal and okay to turn up to work thinking ‘oh my gosh why don’t I love this.’ Talk to your friends about how you feel, it’s all part of this quarter life crisis most of us experience.


2) Think about what you really want out of life and what you love, then find a job that can incorporate it. For me this was travel. I knew that I wanted to travel the world and so I chose working as an English Teacher. One of my friends was studying to be an accountant, then realised how much she loved make up and being creative. Now she is running her own beauty spa and also does work as a make-up artist – awesome!

3) Stop worrying about the future! Seriously, I had a huge 5 year plan that got totally screwed up by this big earthquake that hit my city two years ago (whatup Chch people!). I never could have accounted for it. Businesses were destroyed, lives were ruined and I lost my job in the city. You can have a basic idea about what you want but at the end of the day but you cannot control how life will unfold. You might not discover your dream job for another ten years, and that’s okay! Hey Juilia Child’s was well into her 40s when she published her famous cookbook. Just relax and try to enjoy yourself, whatever will be will be after all.


I really never thought I would be giving manicures to Korean girls!

4) Don’t be afraid! The worst thing then quitting your job to go back to school or travel is staying in a position you hate and regretting the missed opportunity. Yeah, it is scary to realise you want a change, but it is always so rewarding – no one ever regrets making a change like this.

5) It’s YOUR happiness, so put it first!!!!


Story of a sad lunch

Hello there!

Today I am working at my little office job and that can only mean one thing… disappointing lunch day!

I have this really bad habit of not making a substantial enough lunch whenever I am taking it somewhere. I think it is a combination of making lunch the night before when I am full from dinner and also the mentality of making something really healthy as I know there will be no snacks at work. It sucks and I usually end up feeling so let down and annoyed with past me when I go to eat the next day. So right now I am dreaming of something yummy like sweet potato fries (little bit obsessed right now), while I instead eat this.

Image                                                      a super lame sandwich

We raided the mammoth veggie patch at the boys parents house and so I had a ton of crunchy lettuce, carrots, radishes, peppers and tomatoes to work with. For some reason I just used a little bit of hummus, oh so much lettuce and only one slice of bread for this concoction. It’s okay, but needs something else.

Image                                                  a yellow peach on the side

These peaches have been rocking my world lately. They are so perfectly juicy and delicious, unfortunately just not that filling when paid with lame sandwich.

I have no idea why I make lunches like this when I am trapped in a little office all day (no vending machines or anything like that in this space). On the one hand it seems like a good idea because it is forcing myself to diet; but on the other is it stupid because I will go home and snack before dinner. Silly girl!

But on the bright side I got up a little early to do some pilates before work. I try really hard to do something every day, particularly when I know I will be sitting on my butt working on a computer all damn day. The key really is to figure out what your habits are and adjust a work-out to suit them. For example I know that when I come home from work I just want to relax, if I save the workout for the evening then I will spend time during the day thinking about it and how I can’t be bothered. It is kind of hard getting up early, but I just remind myself that I am going to get up sooner or later so I may as well get some exercise in.

In other eats, I took advantage of the veggie garden bounty yesterday for lunch (oohhhh yesterdays lunch, trying not to hear the cries of my taste buds).



A big bowl of crunchy lettuce, radish, carrots, beans, roasted sweet potato and hummus for dressing. On the side was some zucchini scone that I baked and a tad of vegemite – don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

IMG_0288Breakfast pretty much every day this week has been cereal topped with blueberries, chia seeds, molasses and some of the weird soy yoghurt. The ‘yoghurt’ is still so-so in my books. I did figure out what it tastes like though, morning tofu! In Korea it is really common to eat silken tofu like you would pudding or yoghurt. I sometimes used to buy these little single-servings of morning tofu which would come with a little spoon and maybe a topping you could put on it such as strawberry syrup. They are really good, but still not soy yoghurt. I get frustrated when I think about how behind NZ is when it comes to a lot of products, things like almond butter, coconut water and coconut oil are hard to find and ridiculously expensive. I am also currently undergoing a never ending quest to find nutritional yeast in this country. Why must we be so deprived!