getting stuff done and a rainy weekend

Do you ever have those weekends where you plan on getting so much done and then in reality all that happens is pinning some new stuff on pinterest and watching an entire season of whatever show you are currently obsessed with? Yeah I have them most weekends. But today it was raining and horrible outside so I decided to actually get shit done, and I realised that it isn’t that hard. On my list was cleaning the apartment, laundry, getting some of my coursera work done, lesson plans, working out and a bit of relaxing – all were accomplished! If you want to have a useful weekend here are some things that help me.


not the most inspiring of days


1) Make a list. Super nerdy I know, but this helps me clear my mind and at times I find that I don’t actually have as much to do as I thought. And crossing things off as you get them done is a weirdly satisfying feeling, I am pretty geeky like that.

2) Turn off the damn laptop. That sounds so ironic as I am typing this post, but I have a terrible habit of waking up in the morning and going online while I eat my breakfast to check emails and facebook. Then I end up looking at a ton of blogs, going on pinterest and before I know it half the morning is gone. Instead of sitting there thinking ‘well I’ll read one more post and then I will clean the kitchen’ just turn off the laptop and do it.

3) Try not to stress about how much you need to get done, one step at a time. I always end up starting a task then realising there is something else that needs to get done and suddenly seems much more important. Before I know if there are a ton of half completed tasks and I haven’t actually finished anything I was supposed to. It is much easier to look at the job at hand and get that done before moving onto the next thing on your list.

4) Stop and think, does that really need to be done today? I like to be organised and am always thinking ahead when it comes to work and study. But often this results in me creating more work for myself and stressing about it. Lately I have been making my list and then realising there are a lot of things on it that can wait another week. It seems counter-prodcutive but at times I just have to stop myself from doign something and walk away because it really isn’t that important.


coffee and blueberry bagel on a rainy day, life is hard.


Anyway like I said I got shit done, once I just stopped thinking about what I had to do and actually did it the day whizzed by and before I knew it I was chilling in a coffee shop with my kindle. Korean coffee shops, as I am sure I have mentioned numerous times, are just the bomb. Cute little tables, pastries and bread so perfect that that look like plastic toys and Koreans who sit there for hours on end and make you feel like it is a place to relax. The coffee itself is average in most places, but what Koreans lack in coffee they make up for in atmosphere.


These breads look so good, but have some interesting flavors (today I saw melon bread, it was green).

It is strawberry season at the moment, a fact which has been making my heart flutter. I am the biggest strawberry whore and can eat a bucket of them in a day (this has been proven). At the moment a lot of cafes are selling strawberry themed cakes and I died when I saw this display…

ImageI just want to shove five of those babies in my mouth at once, please don’t judge me.

The rest of the afternoon was spend reading and watching Downton Abbey while I slowly realised that I could not be bothered cooking anything for dinner. Rainy days just mean takeout to me.We went out to grab bibimbap, kimbap and ddebokki (spicy rice cake), and chicken for the non-vegetarian. All healthy (minus the chicken) , a ton of food and it only cost $10 – so different from back home!  There are times when I just love Korea so much, mostly these times involve food.


taking a selfie like a teenage Korean girl.

Hope you are having a good Saturday!





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