One Day at a Time

Hey there

I hope your weeks are going well, mine was pretty good, until today decided to shit all over me as work was awful and I got put in one of those situations where you hate living overseas. But enough of that, everyone has bad days in whatever job they work in, so I will spare you a rant.

On a positive note there has been less rice in my meals this week – yay! Awhile ago I downloaded the myfitnesspal app for my iphone and it is really amazing. At first I used it to calories count – not drastically mind you, just out of curiosity to get a general idea of how bad some foods could be – but at the moment I am using it to check how much iron and protein I eat everyday. It is really good at telling you the percentage you should be having based on your age and sex, then how much you are actually consuming. As expected I don’t have enough but the past two days have been a bit better. I have been starting the morning with chopped up strawberry and pear, covered in yoghurt for protein and a sprinkle of granola. Then for lunch I am taking a tiny portion of rice, whatever veggies and sides are available, as well as bringing a salad from home.


giant boxes of strawberries do not last long in this household



I bought a giant bag of lettuce for super cheap and roasted a ton of pumpkin on Monday night, I seriously can’t stress how good it is to meal plan and think ahead when you are trying to eat a bit healthier. Each night I just chuck some lettuce and pumpkin in a container with a little balsalmic vinegar then add it to my rice at lunch time. Makes the world of difference as I don’t have to rely on rice filling me up.

In the afternoons I eat snacky/I-am-bored-and-want-to-eat and have been bringing almonds to help this. These are a great snack because they are high in protein which fills you up for longer. Plus if you eat them one by one, instead of just mindlessly shoving them in your mouth at once, then I do feel like I have a decent sized snack. I usually have a tea or coffee in the afternoon as well and of course some dark chocolate. No matter how healthy I am trying to eat I will always have chocolate during the day.

So that’s how I’m doing, getting a little more nutrients into my meals and less carbs which is good. I don’t really like relying on the lettuce at lunch because it is pretty much just water in terms of a satisfying food. But it bulks up the rice so my small portion looks bigger, and the roast pumpkin is just tops. Right now I am so tired (possibly sick again ahhh!!) and just want to climb in bed with my super cool new eye mask. Man I love cute Korean things!





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