Savory Oats Love


Hope your having a fab week! Mine is slowly getting better, but I am counting down to the weekend. Yesterday I decided I should eat something different for breakkie so that I don’t thrash the pudding and turn myself off it. I had some cereal and topped it off with a mountain of nectarines.

Delicious! Work was eh but we decided to celebrate hump day by going out to dinner. After a huge conversation (you know how serious such decisions can be) we walked past a brand new Indian restaurant that opened in out area. Of course I had to try it! Indian food is one of my favorites, and the weather is finally a little cooler so I can eat it without sweating like a mo fo.
This is the third Indian place down one particular street so competition is fierce.

IMG_0707The place was so cute inside and the guy who ran it was very friendly. I always find it a little awkward when the owners try really hard to make you welcome. I know that he just opened up and wants to make a good impression but it made me feel self-conscious about eating.

Anyway I ordered the samosas, a naan and a vegetable curry (no rice,I get enough of that in my diet). As the place was new the owner gave us a sample of 5 different curries to try – so sweet of him. Unfortunately three of them had meat but the other two were delicious!
I had a full belly after this and came home to rest. Today was another cereal morning but I did try something new to snack on.
I have been lacking in the vegetable department lately so bought this juice the other day. Too be honest it took awhile to get around to trying it as the picture of broccoli was worrying me. Turns out it has some fruit in it too which means I can’t even tell there is a green vegetable friend lurking in there. I had this today instead of my usual afternoon coffee and I felt like it gave me a really good boost of energy.
After rocking my booty off at zumba I was starving and decided to make something different for dinner…
Savory oats!!

Now many people think there are weird, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I cooked up some onion, cabbage and carrot then mixed it in to a bow of oats with 1/4 tsp tumeric and 2TB of nutritional yeast. Served with a little grated cheese and ketchup – comfort food!!
I grabbed this drink at the store the other day and, while I don’t usually like sparkling water, it was really good. Not too bad for a couple of nights worth of eats 😀
I am looking forward to this weekend! No big plans but sleeping and perhaps trying my hand at salsa classes :S Lets see how that goes…


Healthy Cookies and Nut butter love





but first a quick recap. I had chia pudding for breakfast and a terrible lunch of rice, eggplant and side salad – I forgot my protein replacement 😦 When I came home I tried to unwind with a Jillian Michaels DVD and some yoga. It kind of relaxed me but there was a cookie void which still needed to be filled.

Work is so terrible and stressful right now so after a day of eating chia pudding, rice, salad and almonds I came home and wanted to bake something indulgent. Alas we had no flour 😦 but I wasn’t going to let this stop me. I played around and came up with this recipe for chocolate, walnut banans treats (the name is a work in progress. Image



You will need…


– 3/4 cup of oats


– 1 mashed banana 


– 1/4 cup nut butter (I used cashew)


– pinch of salad


– 1 TB cocoa powder


– handful of walnuts, or whatever else you want to throw in. If I had chocolate chips they would have made an appearance.


To make


– Mash that banana up and mix the ingredients together. Simple! 


– If the mixture seems to gooey add more oats, the size of the banana will affect the texture. 


– Bake at 180 degrees for only about ten minutes or until golden. Then eat, eat, eat.



Despite the crappiness of the day I did have a delivery from iherb 😀 i ordered canned pumpkin as I have never tried it and fall is coming; more chia seeds; agave nectar and more precious sunbutter. As you can see I have a problem.

I have tried so many different nut butters and while I do love almond, it just didn’t quit do it for me. This sunbutter is soooo good, I ordered both crunchy and smooth  as my preference depends on my mood haha. 

Last time I tried this cashew butter thinking it would be as awesome as cashews but I was very disappointed.


It just didn’t have the right taste or texture. Sunbutter for life!



Oh Miley

So unsurprisingly I have a few words to say about this…


But before that let’s get the day over with. Last night I was really cravings eggs, strange as I eat vegan 99% of the time and can go months without eggs. Every now and then I just feel like them and will go crazy for a few weeks, then they disgust me again. It’s a weird cycle. So dinner consisted of a poached egg on toast with the roast potatoes (yum!) and a salad, not too shabby.

ImageThis morning I managed to get up for a run, despite the voice in bed next to me telling me to just sleep in today haha – talk about unmotivating! I ran, came home to eat and then headed to work unaware of the street that awaited me. I wont go into detail but at the end of every three months we get new books for classes and have to give tests and write report cards. It is a lot to organise and there always seem to be communication issues. Today’s lunch wasn’t that great either.


The usual rice and a side of these little mushrooms which are super delicious. There was also some sort of fish pancake and a soup that I couldn’t eat. I added a side salad which had black beans in to keep me going, as well as some crunchy seaweed snack (hey I am in Asia after all).


Dinner was a quick and easy tofu scramble, simply fry all the veggies and tofu together then add 1/2tsp tumeric, 1tsp of cumin and 2TB of nutritional yeast – amazing!


After dinner I felt a bit tense from running and from the day in general so I did this 20 minute flow on Lululemon. They have two free yoga classes you can follow online, both of which are really amazing. The Unravel the Tension one was sooooo relaxing, I oozed into bed and am feeling so rested despite the crazy Monday.


So if you haven’t seen the video of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke performing at the MTV’s then I suggest you give it a look. I know it is getting a lot of attention and critique – and to be honest that is probably the point. She wants us to know that she is all grown up and no longer the little Disney star we once loved.

Now there is nothing at all with a women wanting to be sexy and powerful, she should be able to show the world her confidence without being labeled a ‘slut’. I agree that there are too many double standards in society where Robin Thicke can perform this and get hardly any sting for it (despite him being a hell of a lot older then Miley), and men are constantly boasting about their sexual  conquests through music. My problem with it is this –  there is sexy and confident.


And then just plain, well I had to say it, but trashy and insecure.


=I don’t see this as a women who is in charge of herself and knows who she is. I see this performance as a girl who is giving us what she thinks we want. This leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, she grinds, nibbles and simulations having a penis. It makes me want to scream ‘yeah we get it, your a big girl now!’ before giving her a big hug. Girls, we don’t need to act like this! Leaving a little to the imagination and teasing them with your sexuality shows that you are a confident and strong  goddess to be reckoned with. Leave the world wanting more, and save the real dirty stuff for the bedroom with whoever it is that deserves to see your inner wild side 😉

Oh Kahlua my old friend

What makes a weekend even better?


Delicious cocktails!

Oh Kahlua how I love you.


I apologise if this seems dramatic, but I have been drinking beer the past few weekends and decided to splurge on a bottle of this the other day. So worth it as last night after coming home from The Princess Bride (fantastic play, laughed so much) I made a Kahlua and coffee then followed it up with some kahlua on the rocks. Bliss

I woke up to the usual fare.


Still not sick of chia pudding, but I apologise if you are sick of looking at it :S

For lunch I munched on leftover salad from last night.


So much better the day afterwards 😀 I have been lazing around today, I did a 20 minute circuit training workout and then proceeded to lie on my bed and read for a majority of the afternoon. I did however get up to make this yummy side dish for tonight’s dinner.


Easy Italian Roasted Potatoes

All you need to make these are few p

-4 small potatoes

– 2 cloves of crushed garlic

– 2TB oil 

-2TB of this.


Mix the seasoning, oil and garlic in a bowl and chop up the potatoes into cute little cubes. Then add the potatoes to the herbs and mix it all together now.


Place on an oven tray with a bay leaf or two and roast at 180degrees until tender. In my tiny oven this takes 25 minutes.

I can’t wait to eat these later tonight.

Thought of the day – I always look forward to the weekend so much and then feel like I just spend it cleaning and cooking things for the week ahead. Not terribly relaxing! I read an article recently about how we should do small jobs during the week to make the weekends more relaxing, for example clean the bathroom on a Wednesday and the kitchen on a Thursday. Then when the weekend rolls around everything is done. I think this is a good idea in theory but find it really hard to manage my time during the week and actually execute it. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Enjoy your Sunday night 🙂

No Longer Melting



At long last I can say that I have my running mojo back 😀 For the past 8 weeks the summer heat has been insane and running has felt impossible. I have kept it up, but become used to struggling through 2ks and wondering how on earth I ever ran longer then that. It has been hard, sweaty and incredibly frustrating, but I stuck with the running and just shifted my main focus to other workouts such as zumba.

Last night I went for my usual Friday night run (do I know how to party or what!) and discovered that fall is finally here! It was such a good run!! I don’t know if it was because the temperature read 27degrees instead of the usual 34; if it was the cereal I had before hand, or if the slight drizzle of rain was making it a refreshing experience. Either way I finally ran 5k for the first time in two months and I felt awesome.  I think we all have those times where a workout seems really hard and we feel like we are slipping backwards rather then getting better and stronger. It is so easy to feel discouraged and give up when this happens but we need to remember that there are a ton of factors that affect our bodies. It may be the weather, how much sleep we got how or we refueled, but regardless we need to realise this and just keep going. I always tell myself, it doesn’t matter how much I do, as long as I am giving the workout my all then I am amazing.


Anyways after the run I was hungry! I munched on roasted kumara, tofu stir fry and salad, all topped with a ton of sweet chili sauce.


Looks nasty but was delicious.

I was up super late as we went out for a beer and then I got distracted on the internet checking out blogs, and managed to sleep in till 11! This hardly happens to me but I guess I needed the rest. After my usual breakfast of chia pudding and coffee I began making tonigh’ts dinner.

I took the recipe from the wonderful ohsheglows but modified it to suit the ingredients I can actually find here.

– 1 cup chopped carrot

– 2 cups of chopped cucumber

– 1/2 cup diced onions

– 1/2 cup rice wine vinegar

– 1TB sugar

– simply mix the vinegar and sugar together (use more sugar if you don’t like vinegar that much), and add the chopped veggies.


In lieu of the chickpeas I used

– 1 large kumara

– 1 large potato

– 1/2 tsp each of chili powder, cumin and ginger

– 1/4 tsp tumeric

– 2 gloves crushed garlic

– 2TB oil

mix the seasonings and oil together in bowl and then add the diced potato and kumara. Roast until tender.


The roasted veggies should be added to the salad mix after they have cooled. I like to make this a few hours before eating so the flavors have time to settle into the food and the salad has a really strong taste. So good!!

After boring housework and some ab work I lunched on this creation.


A salad with cos, sesame leaves, sunflower seeds, carrot stick and cheese 😀 Plus whole wheat bread with marmite and melted cheese. As you can tell I recently hit up the giant supermarket for western goodness.

To drink I tried this acai berry and blueberry smoothie, really good but a bit small!


Hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday! I plan on going to see the Princess Bride (in play form) before coming home to make some yummy cocktails with the kahluha I bought. Have a good Saturday!

My Korean School Lunch

Heya, hope you had a good day. I couldn’t shake that Friday feeling but only one more day 😀

I managed to snap a picture of my lunch today. Now my school lunch is not as bad as others, we have a lovely cook who makes some yummy eats. It is just unfortunate that a majority of them contain meat of some kind. The usual lunch will always have rice, a soup, kimchi, some sort of meat and a vegetable side dish. There are days like curry day (meat), or shrimp fried rice (the WORST for me); and once a month she does tofu day and I bask in the amazingness of the marinated tofu. I should also add that unlike many schools which just service white rice our cook changes between purple rice, mixed grain and rice with beans added – very much appreciated in this white rice loving country.
Anyways here was todays lunch.
rice with barely and a corn salad. Not too bad, corn is really popular in Korea and a corn salad with some cucumber and mayo is a common side dish. There was pork cutlett for the others but I didn’t get in on that.
The soup today didn’t have any meat or fish like it usually does so I was able to eat it.
A miso type soup with tofu, seaweed and mushroom. I always bring something extra to add for lunch because it doesn’t really fill me and I don’t want to stuff myself with rice to fill the void. I usually try to bring something with protein, although today I was lucky to get tofu with my soup. Lately my staple has been cucumber slices with hummus and corn (didn’t know about today’s salad), with a few black beans for good measure.
As you can see I really try not to have to much rice. There is nothing wrong with it, but we eat rice every day with lunch and sometimes for dinner too! My focus is on veggies and protein which keeps me full until 6pm when I finish work.

With that said today I finally forced myself to have a rest day from working out. I realised it had been ten days in a row of exercise and gave my body a little break. I also went out for Mexican food and munched on this yummy burrito, nacho chips and actual guacomole!
It was beautiful 😀

Thursday? But I was so sure it was Friday!

uhhh don’t you hate that feeling! Yesterday felt like a Thursday and today feels just like Friday, but it’s not 😦

Maybe it’s because I am super tired. I planned on running this morning but skipped it -sometimes getting enough sleep and rest is way more important then the days workout! Instead I slept in a little and woke up to my two best friends.


who refuse to be the right way up, maybe they are sleepy too

Coffee and breakfast pudding, today’s topped with oats and made with the usual bananas and strawberries.

It is a little bit funny (‘this feeling inside’ anyone?) that I didn’t run today as one of the reason I was up late last night was that I was working on a new playlist. I get sick of music so quick but added a lot of goodies. Lately this is my new workout jam.

yeah it’s kpop but I have no idea what they are saying either. It is just so good and catchy!

Speaking of Korea check out the t-shirt I found the other day. Might have to add it to my weird things I have found in Asia list.


Have a Happy Friday Thursday!




You had me at breakfast pudding

It’s hump day,
but that means we are in the home stretch to the weekend. 😀

I am feeling so tired today! I went to zumba last night, didn’t feel like it but the instructor is away next week so I new it would be the last for a little bit. So pleased that I went! There were a ton of people and afterwards we decided to go out for a smoothie, only to get distracted by a brand new cafe that had just opened called ‘Cafe Anna.’

I am so excited because this cafe said on the front ‘fair trade and organic’ words that do not get thrown around in Korea. It was also crazy cute. We went inside (in our sweaty workout clothes, feeling very out of place) and I quickly scanned the menu before seeing  something that made me jump up and down a little…

Brown rice kimbap.

Scoff if you will but brown rice is like finding treasure. Treasure that has been buried for thousands of years and would be hard for even Indian Jones to track down. Kimbap is basically sushi but Koreas version of it, usually that means processed cheese and spam but I had a good feeling about this.

It was glorious! inside was a little bit of egg, crunchy lotus roots, carrot and a sesame leaf which gave the kimbap a nice wee kick. My friends had home made bread and a ricotta salad which was equally delicious.  It was a dinner of king – or hungry whole food deprived foreingners.

I am very much in love with this cafe and as we were some of the first customers, the owner gave us each a loyalty card with half the stamps crossed off 😀 Score! 

I walked home with a friend (another perk of Korea is that this is a totally safe thing to do), and quickly made my breakfast for the morning before I crashed.

We have bananas so I was able to make my precious chia puddings.
In this mix are strawberries, nana, coconut milk, soy milk, cocoa powder and chia seeds. All blended up so that it looks like this….

But you get to wake up to this….

I sprinkled mine with some sunflower seeds and walnuts because I like the crunch and just eating in general.

Today’s thought – when it comes down to it, only you can make yourself exercise and get healthy. There is no secret or magic trick, it is just you and your drive to take care of your body and feel awesome. But you can do it! You can get out of bed that little bit extra for a run, because you are an awesome person 😀 Remember if it was easy then everybody would be doing it.
Have a great day!

Stick to that workout plan – without hating every minute of it!


Happy Monday, if you need a bit of a pep talk today check out this video…

Make me smile a lot.


I did NOT feel like running this morning but I have this thing in my head that tells me if I start Monday with a run then it sets the tone for the rest of the week. Plus I have a little more energy in the morning as opposed to Friday. The run was average but I was happy I went, and came home to more bran flakes (I secretly love them) and a ton of watermelon and coffee. Yeah I had to pee a lot before work – excuse the TMI.

Work was so-so, I never take a pic of my lunch because it is so boring and standard. Today was rice, pumpkin seeds and almonds, cucumber and hummus and a green apple. Only one of those things was provided by work haha, guess which one. i did manage to drink a mountain of this iced-tea.


So yummy and easy to make as it mixes with cold water. I have no patience for tea that I have to make and then wait to cool (first world problems).

I came home and did my precious Jillian Michaels DVD (6 week 6 pack, do it), then sat down to an awesome dinner which I inhaled.


Ratatouille, sweet potato wedges with cashew butter for dipping, and a side of lettuce wraps filled with hummus and black beans. It looks like a lot but I needed the eats and this meal is packed with protein and nutrients. 


I have been on this big journey recently to really focus on exercise and learn to love my body and what it can do. What was once a chore to burn calories is now a way I relax and feel proud of myself. I know I got a lot of tips from various blogs but here are a few things that have worked for me and really turned exercise around.


don’t be hating on the burn


1) Don’t look at a workout as something to cross of your to-do list. While it is how you burn calories, seeing your workout as this chore you have to do before you can eat dinner is really going to put you off it. I look at each run or strength training as ‘me’ time when I get to clear my head and enjoy what my body can do. 

2) Change it up. Although going for a run three times a week may make you look crazy good – it is always going to get boring. Find more then exercise that you like and switch between them during the weeks. Whether you run a couple times a week and then zumba or yoga on another,  or even just have a spin class once a month, it makes a big difference when your workout isn’t in the same location every time.


3) The ten minute rule. There are days when you really just don’t want to do it, I always tell myself to just do ten minutes as it is better then nothing. Most of the time this ten minutes does turn into  longer as once I get going I feel motivated. however even if you still aren’t feeling it, ten minutes is better then nothing and you are awesome for keeping it up.


4) treat yo-self! I know of people who put a dollar into a jar every time they work out and eventually have enough money to buy splurge on something they just want. I have really nice cocoa butter which cost a lot and I only let myself use when I am showering after a run. Sometimes I also give myself a mani and pedi afterwards – it feel much more relaxing when I know my body worked hard.


5) New workout clothes may not always be something you need but they are a great motivator. I recently went a little nutty at Reebok and spent more then I should have on a pretty pink outfit, but it makes me happier when I exercise and is so worth it.

6) Read blogs, inspirational quotes and talk to other people. It helps you stay motivated and can give you new ideas on how to approach a certain workout or make it easier. one i am loving right now is The Fitnessista, she has a ton of great workouts and makes me want to focus on eating better and celebrating my body.

7) Group exercise is a really good way to turn a workout into something fun and social. Zumba and other dance classes are great for this, they can just be one big fun hour that you really look forward to. In a similar vein, working out with others means you can go out after class and turn it into just a meet up with friends. I really love my mexican night which happens after zumba on Tuesdays.


that’s more like it, smiling with a sweaty post- Jillian Michaels face and everything.

So these are things that work for me and may or may not help you learn to love that workout. At the end of the day if you are hating the exercise then maybe you should try something new or look at what exactly it is you don’t like about it. Do it because you are strong and beautiful – not because you need to burn off that extra spoon of peanut butter.

catch ya later 😀

birkram baking



sorry for the dorky photo, it’s just how I feel like greeting you today.

It is hot in this tiny apartment today! sunday means meal prep for the week and my tiny wee oven has been working it’s ass off – sweaty is sexy right?

After planning on making dinner at home last night we just really felt like going out and went to ‘Travellers’ because the Mr was craving a burger and fries. With my brother here we ate sooo much Korean food so we were really digging some Western eats. 

I had vegetarian enchiladas and fries (which I am proud to say I only ate a few off and shared the rest with a hungry man), pared with a couple of cosmos. It was super dark in the restaurant so I didn’t get any pics but I assure you it was good looking and good tasting. We watched the rugby in the bar before heading back to our neighborhood for  a beer.


I have been eyeing this up for ages and decided to try it even though I don’t usually drink stout. It was surprisingly delicious and probably better then the light beer I always pick because it took me much longer to drink.

After a few drinks I couldn’t be bothered to make my chia pudding – sob! – so this mornings breakie was bran flakes with frozen banana and strawberries.


Check out the size of this flake haha! Sure to keep you nice and regular ‘ahem.’


After a Jillian Michaels workout I grabbed an ice-tea with the Mr before he headed out to an MMA competition (for reals, he’s so manly), and came home to cook up a storm. 

I have been all about the meal planning lately as it means I can come home from work and exercise or try to learn some Korean. As you can see I made a big mess 😀


I made a bunch of wedges just by tossing some oil and cajun spice together and mixing in both normal and sweet potato. Seriously there is enough to feed us for three or four meals, this is bowl one of many.


I made super easy ratatouille by roasting eggplant, onion, green pepper, zuchinni and a can of tomatoes. Simply mix them in a bowl with a TB of Italian spice and roast until the veggies are tender. 

There is also a veggie burger mix sitting in the fridge and these babies. 


I got the recipe for these peanut butter protein bars from Chocolate Covered Katie but I usually bake to turn into cookies. They are so delicious and packed with protein. Good for the Mr as well as he seems to always be hungry with all the training he does and has named them the Magic Cookies. I made a batch on Thursday and they were polished off last night.

lunch was similar to yesterdays, but greener.


an apple with cashew butter, cucumber and hummus and some of the ratatouille with black beans. I may have snacked on a bunch of wedges as well – gotta make sure they taste good right?

Anyway I exausted so will spend the rest of the afternoon trying not to eat all the cookies and reading my kindle in the sunshine. have a good Sunday 😀