Brain Dump Wednesday

Hey there, I have a million things running around my head so here is a bit of a brain dump for you!

– I realized that I have become a morning person. After years of sleeping in till the late hours and finding it impossible to wake up like normal people, I am now up at 7am every day – and I love it! I am enjoying having time to work out, shower, eat, get some work done all before heading off to my real job at 9:45. I feel so productive 🙂


– I just purchased Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please, and cannot wait to read it. I love all things Amy and think she is such a wonderful role model, plus she is funny as hell.

– Apples, so good right now! I am eating them like it is my job.


– I bought a few face masks the other day at Olive Young and they are amazing. The gold one left my skin feeling incredibly smooth and glowing after just one use. I will be stocking up on these.


– Peanut butter lattes – why was I not aware of this before. I had one Saturday night when we were killing time before the movie and it was crazy good. I think it’s just a coffee blended with peanut butter so I must try to re-create this at home.


– It’s nearly Christmas! I love the season, the decorations, the hype, the music, the movies… Each year I go on a serious watching and listening binge. This year it began today as I was cold and cheered myself up by blasting cheesy music. My guilty pleasure is Britney Spears ‘One Wish’ or perhaps Band Aid – it’s too hard to choose. Funnily enough the day itself doesn’t have that much appeal for it, its all about the build-up.

And with that I leave you. My mind feels clearer. Happy Wednesday!


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