Lazy Sunday

Okay. I finally giving in. It is fall and I will dress accordingly.

DSC00692[1]Today I pulled on leggings and a comfy sweater because the apartment was cold. I baked banana cinnamon muffins and made a shepherd pie, because that is cold weather comfort food.


For lunch I ate a ton of roasted pumpkin, possibly the best thing about the change in seasons.


I spent a majority of the afternoon curled up with Harry Potter (don’t judge, we all love it), hot tea and chocolate leftover from Halloween. Despite the amount of dread I have for the colder months I have been trying to do these things which are weather appropriate and will hopefully turn my attitude around. The chocolate helped.

As did a trip to Olive Young. All I needed was shampoo but I ended up coming home with this.


I think it is impossible to walk into this store and only buy one thing. Especially when they have a sale…

In addition to the shampoo I picked up a couple of face masks so I can pamper myself tonight, some clothing spray to freshen up my wardrobe shelves which can get a little funky in winter, and an iced tea with mint just because it looked good. Not to bad, I managed to walk out without picking up a new nail polish which is usually what happens.

On another note, last night I finally got around to seeing Gone Girl. I read the book and absolutely loved it but was a little wary of how the movie would be. I know everyone is sick of hearing this but seriously, this movie, ohmygod! The perfectly captured the characters, the acting was crazy good and the whole movie had so much suspense. When it finished my fiancé actually let out a small ‘no!’ because he was so shaken by the ending. If you haven’t seen it already,  just go because it lives up to the hype.


Now I’m going to get some work done for this speed dating and make myself more tea, maybe I am coming around to this fall thing.


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