Halloween Happenings

Good morning, hope you had a great Halloween!


I spent mine eating a crap-ton of lollies at work which was justified by the fact that I did my double workout in the morning. Unfortunately the weather was so cold and rainy all day so going out last night to party was looking like it would be hard to do. I just get so lazy when the weather is like that! But after work we managed to come home, chill for a bit and motivate ourselves to get dressed up and get in a taxi. I had such a good night with a few friends and realized how much it is going to suck when I have to leave them in a few months. I spent a lot of time in Korea not trying to meet people because just as you get to know someone they seem to head home and the friendship is really short lived. But this year I realized how dumb that is and have meet some wonderful people. It will be sad to leave them but has made my time here that much better.


Anyway back-tracking to work. Kids nowdays have the most elaborate costumes! I realize how old I sound saying that but seriously, check out these superhero outfits which come with padded muscles.



And the princess ones are really intricate.


Our Halloween part at work involved games, lollies and pumpkin carving which excited me as it was something I have only done once before. The idea was the kids could scoop out some seeds themselves and feel like they helped – and the teachers could take a million photos for their damn parents.


After work I came home to put together my costume of Cindi Lauper/the 80s. It was hard to get my hands on legit Cindi wear when I am in Korea but I did my best to channel the decade.



The fiancé went as John McLean from Die Hard. He even took his shoes off for most of the night which was commitment due to the rain and gross bar bathrooms.


Downtown we met up with some friends, scored free shots for being in costume, had cocktail drinks in a bag and talked the night away. It was fantastic but I got home at 4 and am a little tired today. Right now I am trying to motivate myself to clean the house – girls just wanna have fun!

Happy Halloween!!


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