Halloween! and a little less to worry about

Happy Halloween!


This is something I have never gotten into as we just don’t celebrate it in NZ, and too be honest I never saw much of the appeal when we came to Korea. However as this is my last ‘real’ Halloween before heading home I am making more of an effort. Work today involves parties and games with all of the kindy kids (how many Elsa’s do you think there will be?) and tonight I am dressing as Cindi Lauper before attending an actual party downtown.

Because girls just wanna have fun, and I heart the 80s.


(my friend used me as her 80s model when she studied makeup design. Lots of fun but a model I am not- check out the bags under my eyes!)

Things are getting a little less stressful after my rant the other day. I have booked in to have my passport notoirzed, but am waiting until after Halloween to ask for the day off as work is too busy right now. I also woke up today and found my reference filled out and sitting in my email folder, at last!! I may actually be able to do this thing 🙂

happy faces on!

happy faces on!

After a meeting for DTTG the other night I am feeling much better about organizing the Christmas drive and speed dating. Other then getting people to attend the dating it is all pretty straightforward and I get most of the work done this weekend. Things are looking much better.

So a crazy week, and I am sure today will be even crazier. I am already due to crash after waking up and completing two T25 workouts, yes two! Friday’s are scheduled for the double workout and rather then splitting them before and after work like I usually do, getting them done in the morning means I have much more time to get my costume ready this evening. Right now I am feeling the post-exercise glow, let’s hope it lasts. After the workouts (rip it up circuit and speed 2.0 which were both cardio heavy) I was incredibly hungry, funny that.


Post workout breakfast of oats, apple, almond butter, cacao nibs and coffee – yum!

Let’s get this day going!



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