Stop and Breath

Happy hump day! Can I just be the millionth person to comment on the fact that

1) it’s cold


2) it’s nearly November – how did that happen?

The end of the year is an incredibly stressful time for me at the moment. I am going home in March to no job, place to live and a wedding to plan in May. There is a lot to think about and it has been on my mind for a majority of the year, only I have always been able to push it aside and tell myself there is plenty of time. Now there isn’t so much.


My plan is to enroll for a Masters of Information Studies which I can do part-time while working. Once I graduate I will be able to work in a library which is the ultimate dream of mind (books all day and shushing people, yes please!) But this whole process has been, quite frankly, a nightmare. In order to apply I need a notarized copy of my passport which of course I can’t get done as I have my passport with me in Korea. It can be done at the NZ embassy but this isn’t open on weekends and my work hours mean that I would need to take a day off to head up there and get it done. Sounds simple enough but Korea and having time-off don’t really go together. The idea is that you work every damn day, regardless of health or needing to have stuff like this done. I have been at this job for 20 months and not once had a day off for sickness or anything else.


So today I am working up the courage to ask my manager for a whole day vacation so I can pay a crap-ton of money to go to Seoul and get this done. I also need to find two references which should be easy but my old University supervisor is doing a disappearing act and wont reply to my emails or phone calls. I really wish I was in NZ so I could go to her office and wait inside till she shows her face. Everything is due at the start of Jan so I am giving myself until mid-December to have it posted overseas. Plenty of time right?


In the midst of this I have a ton of fundraising to organize for Daegu’s Time to Give. I think I’ve mentioned that this is a charity which supports the orphanages in Daegu that I help to run. There is a huge Christmas gift drive throughout December and we are hosting a speed-dating fundraiser in two weeks which is just a pain to plan. It’s taking up a lot of time along with wedding stuff like having suits made and trying to organize flowers from afar. The of course there is my actual 10-6 job which is super busy at the moment with reports and lesson plans.

Still with me? I apologize for the rant, just needed to get these things off my chest. I’m going to make a list and remind myself to stop and breath. My time in Korea is ending soon, I need to try and enjoy it.


And knowing that it is closer to the weekend when I can take a moment to sit down with a mojito is helping.


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