Wedding Happenings

Hey there, happy Saturday! I have had an extremely lazy Saturday, the kind where you are really unsure how it is nearly over because so little got done. But maybe that’s a good change once in a while.

Last night I ended up going downtown for a beer with a couple of friends, it wasn’t a big night but I had a great time. As an introvert, I am terrible at passing on invites to go out and I always ending up regretting it. For once, I managed to drag myself out of the house and to a bar to interact with other humans and it was so worth it! I forget how much I miss having other girls around me just to talk crap with and unwind after a long week. I only had one beer, but was up late and it was hard to drag myself out of bed this morning for my Saturday workout.


After getting in some ab work (Shaun T25 dynamic abs, mother of god), I decided to do some wedding jobs and finally got around to printing off our invitations. We found a template for some really lovely vinyl-style invites online and as my fiancé is a DJ and I grew up in a big vinyl house they were too perfect not to pass on. But as usual, things that are a good idea in theory never seem to work out too well. Changing the font and sizing of the words on the template was incredibly difficult and time consuming, then the printer decided to pack a tanty. The whole process took so much longer then it should and had me realizing that this why people pay someone to make their invites for them. After a long afternoon we finally got there.

I think they look awesome!


This is a rough idea of the final product as we have finished all the envelopes but are still working on the inside ‘record’. Up close they look like this,


and how fun is the back!


Our wedding colors are coral and navy so this was the best I could do to fit these. I cannot wait to send them out and am feeling happy that I finally crossed these off my list 😀

After this chaos we headed out for dinner of Mexican food and mojitos – the best way to end a Saturday!


It was delicious but I was feeling the cold and headed home to bed where it is warm and I can watch season 5 on Downton Abbey all night long.

I may even get crazy and make myself a cup of tea.


Have a lovely evening.


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