Brewing the Perfect Cup of Tea

As it has gotten colder, I have been tea crazy


It isn’t just the taste of tea that I have been enjoying, but the act of brewing a cup and sitting down to enjoy it. I have found myself taking more notice of what is in each cup  and how each drink can benefit my body.


Part of this has been paying attention to how long you should brew tea for and the effects this can have on the taste. It’s something that I have never thought about before, and I am ashamed to admit that I used to just leave the tea bag in the cup with the mindset that it would continue to seep and make the taste better. But I have been so wrong!

After doing a little reading on the Twining’s website,  my tea making efforts are now like a science. The temperature of the water, cup, pot and length of time the bag seeps all effect the taste of the cup. I have to say that these things really do seem to make a difference in the flavors of the tea and I am enjoying each cup so much more after following these rules.


First up, the water should be right from a cold tap and tea likes oxygen and this will help the flavor develop. When boiling and waiting for the tea to soak, pay attention to the type of tea you are drinking as the leaves react differently. The general rules are:

Green Tea 2-3 minutes, water just under a boil.

Black Teas 3 – 5 minutes, fully boiled water.

Herbal Teas 4 -6 minutes, fully boiled water.

Once the time is up, remove the tea bag as leaving it in for too long can make the tea taste bitter and strengthens the tannings, giving then a stronger chance of staining your teeth. I always squeeze my tea bag which is a hot argument in my half English family. I can’t find anything online about this effecting the taste or quality of the tea, so will leave it up to personal preference.

Add milk or sweetener if desired, and enjoy.


Can’t have black tea without a biscuit! Especially if the ta is pumpkin spice and the biscuit is a gingernut.


Here’s to some happy tea drinking!


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