New Food Finds

You know what sucks? Being so sure that tomorrow is Friday that you spend lay out everything for that days classes before leaving work, only to realize once you get home that there is still Thursday to get through. What a dork. The worst part is that when I go into work today I will have to pack it all away again and feel that disappointment one more time. At least tomorrow is the end of the week for real!

I have discovered a few new products lately and wanted to share my current favorites. Starting with the newest additions to morning oats.


I usually make a batch of oats the night before and flavor it with either pumpkin spice seasoning which is a totally new thing to me, we just don’t get into the pumpkin thing in NZ. Then I don’t have to mess around in the morning cooking and doing things that require the concentration that I just don’t have that early. I am weird and love cold oats so will just eat these with a side of fruit and my coffee.


I also add few sprinkles of cacao nibs which are my current obsession. You know you have a chocolate problem when you’re eating pure cacao beans! These are one of natures super foods and have iron and antioxidants which make them a completely acceptable breakfast addition.

Once I get to work I am all about the tea. My order form iHerb came in on Tuesday and I may have gone a little overboard.


Scratch that, there is no overboard when it comes to tea! All of these flavors are amazing but I am particularly loving the Bengal Spice. It’s like a warm cup of vanilla, caramel and cinnamon. The day it arrived I drunk about three cups during the afternoon. My current ritual is to make a cup on my 11am break and unwinding after the craziness of mornings at a kindergarten.

And for a night-time snack I am all about these cocoanut milk ice-creams.


I was lucky enough to stumble across one at the 7/11 a few weeks ago and have been hunting them out ever since. On Sunday I found a supply at the local supermarket and bought out a crap-load. These are just divine! It’s pure cocoanut creaminess with lots of good fats and much less sugar then normal ice-creams. Who cares if it’s getting colder outside, ice-cream is year round.

They’re my tasty new finds of late, what have you been snacking on?


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