Weekend Things

Hey there and a happy Monday to you!

I know, there isn’t really such thing as a happy Monday, but let’s keep pretending it’s not that bad. My weekend was productive which is always plus. With moving home soon and the wedding looming closer I have a never-ending to do list which frightens me every time I catch a glimpse. Thankfully I got a few things done over the past two days, they are small but better then nothing right.


Saturday was full of grocery shopping and cleaning (party) before heading downtown to get rid of a giant pile of books I have accumulated here. Each time I step into the spare room and see them sitting there I think to myself, ‘this weekend I will take them downtown,’ but I always manage to forget.  They are now finally gone and have left a nice space on the bookshelf, the only downside is that the used bookstore I took them too gave me store credit in return. That means more books to be purchased!


While downtown I had a much needed coffee and picked up a few things to wear this fall. The weather is cold and the time to hang up my summer dresses has finally come. Breaks my heart. I also managed to pick up a dress for $1 to wear on Halloween. I’m planning on going as Cindi Lauper and it will be amazing.

On the way home I stopped by the grocery store once again to pick up some printer ink. Again this is something I have been putting off for weeks, but as I wanted to make our wedding invites this weekend it had to be done. By the time I got home there was a half hour of yoga and then I had to dart out again for dinner. We hit up a sushi train buffet which was one of the best things ever.

Sunday I was up early for meal prep. This weeks menu includes a peanut soba tofu salad (recipe later), lentil tacos, baked spuds and pumpkin curry. I also whipped up a big batch of hummus which is currently rocking my world.


After cooking I darted back downtown for book club which was the highlight of my weekend. Relaxing with lovely ladies just talking about anything is the best. Our book was ‘Sex with Queens’ by Elanor Herman which I enjoyed but I am a big history girl. Think a Phillipa Gregory book only with more sex. By the time I got home it was after 4 and I was a hungry animal.


Hummus and roast veggies for the win!


I spent the rest of the night getting a start on the wedding invitations, silently cursing and reminding myself that we are saving a crap-ton of money doing them ourselves. This morning is rainy and cold, but made better by the coffee my sister-n-law to be sent from NZ.


It’s kicking my butt! Have a lovely day 🙂


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