Re-inventing and my journey to wellness


When I first started blogging I had this ideas of it being a fantastic food and healthy eating website. For me, it was a way to talk about my love of eating, delicious food, being vegetarian and ultimately a creative realize. However, as I started blogging I realized that there was little going on there. Taking photos of my daily meals was kind of boring – not to mention annoying – and I found myself without anything to write about. So the healthy living thing kind of went on the backslide.

Since then I have continued to blog just to keep my goals in check or as a source for word vomit. I’ve moved to Korea, gotten engaged, become an exercise junkie and began to realize what kind of person I want to be. My world is no longer about eating healthy, but is now focused on my wellness and happiness.


Wellness for me is about being a good person inside and out. It’s about doing the things that I enjoy, listening to my body and living my best life. For awhile I was obsessed with counting calories and working out. It was impossible for me to eat a cookie without letting it ruin my day and having to do an extra workout to burn off the calories. This is a time when I was constantly stressed and unhappy, such an awful attitude towards food! Now I eat good quality foods, but also make sure to indulge. I listen to how my body is feeling and if I am sleep deprived or not feeling the best then exercise takes a backseat. This was a hard journey and to be honest the thoughts still rear their head every now and then. But it is a work in progress, just like me.

I used to spend my days worrying about everything that could go wrong and forgetting to appreciate how good things are. Now I try to deal with only the biggest problems that emerge and let the smaller ones slide. When things seem bad, I try to think about how good my life is. It may not be perfect, but it isn’t terrible either. Planning a wedding and moving home has been incredibly stressful for myself,  but letting all the little things overwhelm me just isn’t worth it. Realizing that the world doesn’t end if I don’t have everything perfect was a significant moment for me and I am so much happier for it.

Finally, I am doing what I love. I have been writing articles that I enjoy and if they get published great, if not, so be it. Writing is a fantastic release for me and you know, it makes me happy. Trying to fit into a certain ‘type’ of blogger and writer is just too hard and takes all the enjoyment out of it. Doing things that make me happy rather than grudgingly wading through days filled with jobs I hate has made me feel relaxed and much more comfortable with who I am.


Which is where this post comes in. I am writing it because I want to get out how I am feeling and give the blog a new focus. This isn’t about anything other then happiness. My new focus for this blog is following my passions, doing what I love and being a healthy, happy person. I hope you find something that resonates or inspires you, because you deserve to live a good life. And so do I.


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