Heat Wave

What do you do when Daegu has an unexpected heat wave?

Why you crank on the oven of course!

Despite the crazy end of summer high, I felt the need to bake today and ended up working my little apartment into a sauna. By the end of the afternoon I was one hot sweaty mess! But at least I had tasty treats and a delicious dinner to show for it. I started out making some vanilla cupcakes and peanut butter blondies…


The cupcakes were a little plain for my liking, but the blondies are amazing. They turned out perfectly soft and chewy with crispy edges and peanut butter goodness. So many have been consumed!

Then I moved onto cooking, and that’s when things stared to get a little too hot. I had this idea to make vegetarian shepherds pie as it is such a comfort food of mine and the recipe always makes enough to last for the next few days. In my mind this was a time saving idea which I was proud of, but the reality was much different. I had to boil and mash the potatoes, cook the lentils from scratch, sautee the veggies, blend the lentils into a ‘mince’ meat and then combine everything together. It turned out tasty,  but god it was time consuming.


My secret to making this pie is to use the leftovers as taco fillings the next night. It’s like tricking myself into having a completely different dinner two nights in a row.

While the pie was being made, I also had some chickpeas cooking along to make up hummus, an assortment of roasted veggies in the oven for my lunches the next few days, and half a pumpkin getting good and cooked in the oven. It was crazy.


After several hours the total for my heat wave extravaganza was vanilla cupcakes, pb blondies, shepherds pie, roasted veggies, roasted pumpkin and hummus. After I had cooled myself off with a shower, I was feeling pretty good about what I accomplished. Snaps for a productive day and yummy food!


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