Happy Chuseok!

Hey there, and happy Chuseok!


For those who don’t know, Chuseok is the biggest holiday Korea has to offer. It’s like thanksgiving and xmas rolled into one. The three days mark the beginning of the fall harvest and are when families get together to eat a lot of food. We had the typical hagwon day for Chuseok where the kids wore traditional Korean clothes, we made rice cakes and played Korean games.







It was adorable of course and, as always, it makes it a little more special to do something like this for the holiday. I know so little about other cultures and being able to do some traditional things for such a big holiday is appreciated by myself.


My first night of Chuseok was spent meeting up with a friend for a drink that turned into a very late night out. We stumbled across a big festival at the University where you could buy cocktails in a bag and ran into a few more people who managed to persuade us into a couple more drinks. This didn’t go well with my early 6am wake up to begin my travel plans…. Oh well!

Happy Chuseok!!




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