Mini-Goals Round 4

Hey there,

First up I have exciting news! I mentioned that I had been writing for an online magazine and I can finally announce that the first issue is available from today 😀 Glamtrottingis full of articles related to beauty and travelling and has contributions from talented ladies located all around the world. It is a must have for any traveler, or just those who have a passion for beauty. You can find the magazine available for purchase here – – or read the online blog which currently features my article on backpacking and beauty.


So my mini-goals took a bit of a backslide last week when I came down with a cold. I couldn’t get in as much yoga as I wanted because sleep should trump exercise when your body is tired; I also didn’t eat as much protein as I had little appetite. On the bright side, being sick meant that I drunk a bucket load of water every day, so snaps for that one!

This weeks goals are a little different…



– Stop snacking so much late at night. I always do this and then wake up feeling gross and bloated, it’s unpleasant. I think the issue is that I don’t eat enough during the day and then just compensate in the evenings, My aim is to try for bigger breakfasts and having an afternoon snack even if I’m not starving for one.

– Be less negative. Things have been stressful at work and I have been a basket of negativity. I need to push out the bad thoughts and replace them with good ones.


– Prepare for my hike on Sunday. This is where the negative thing comes into play. We are planning on going hiking this long weekend and I am very aware of everything that could go wrong. Getting to the trail takes about 9 hours and involves 3 buses – some of which we can’t book in advance – so obviously I am sure they are going to fill up and we wont be able to go but would have wasted money on the hotel and buses which we have already paid for. I have to try to stop thinking like this and focus on how much fun it will be to do a challenging hike in a beautiful country.

That’s it from me, have a fantastic week 🙂



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