You Know You’re a Vegetarian When…

You have wasabi in your handbag.

For real, I do this. Don’t judge me.


I am feeling super rested this morning after a lazy weekend. I spent Saturday night watching Mean Girls and eating chocolate muffins, and giving myself a manicure – living the dream!


Sunday involved a lot of reading and writing for a beauty magazine that I have begun contributing too. I have a love/hate relationship with writing. On the one hand I love expressing myself and feeling creative, on the other it gets frustrating when I can’t get my ideas together and make a piece flow. Being part of this magazine has been a good way to curb this problem as I have been forced to think about how a something reads and work on my composition. The first issue comes out on Wednesday and I am so excited to see everything in print!

While it was fun to stay in and relax, the house was getting boring to look at by Sunday afternoon so I headed out to get a coffee and read my kindle. I got hungry and tried these new veggie chips with the hope that they would be a healthy alternative to potato chips.


They were pretty average and seriously lacked in the flavor department. But luckily I have wasabi in my handbag and used it to spice them up a bit.


Often my lunch at work involves plain rice and whatever veggies I have bought from home as I always have wasabi on my to add a bit of flavor. That’s something which comes from years of vegetarianism 😉

Speaking of food, diner last night rocked my world. I roasted half a pumpkin  and filled it with sautéed mushrooms, onion and tofu which had been seasoned with a little butter and Italian herbs. Unfortunately it looked terrible so I didn’t take a photo, but I promise it tasted good. I named it my pumpkin protein bowl and feel that it will be a regular meal for me.

Okay let’s bring on this week and hope for a good Monday!





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