How To Wear Bold Lipstick

I have always admired people that can wear a bold lip colour. They always look so beautiful, not to mention it gives off an air of confidence. Lipstick has never really been my area as I have small lips and feel like the colour just looks wrong. Lately I have been wanting to experiment a little more and change up my makeup routine, so this weekend I took a step into the lip world with a baby pink colour that has been tempting me for months.

The secret to wearing lipstick lies in the rest of your makeup application. A colour like baby pink is going to pop out and having strong eye makeup will contrast this and make your face look too crowded. I went for a ‘no makeup’ look by using as little as I could on my eyes and skin. First I used liquid eyeliner between my lashes to fill them out and give them a more consistent look.


Then I lightly applied mascara to the tips of the lashes, just enough to even out the colour and give them a little volume. This was followed by a light covering of foundation, just enough to even out skin tone and get rid of any blemishes.

As for the lips, I followed my lipstick with a small dab of blush. This is a tip I learned from a friend a few weeks ago which helps keeps the colour in place while also giving it a nice shimmery 3D effect. The end result…



Aside from the weird thing my eyes are doing in this picture, I really like it. My face looks so different and I feel a little more confident – plus a change up in routine is always fun. Maybe next time I will go all out and wear a bold red…


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