I Just Love Food

Good morning!

This Saturday has started off wonderfully as I got all the crappy parts of the weekend out of the way and can now sit on my ass, paint my nails and binge watch Gilmore Girls. Yup, I’m 25 years old and that’s my ideal night ūüėÄ


I woke up early to get in a workout, still rocking out the Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack. This has been my go-to¬†workout for over a year and need to keep reminding myself to make it challenging or else there is no point. Right now I have taken it up a notch by adding in some more cardio, a few new ab moves that I took from Shaun T’s workouts and adding in weight. I finished up good and sweaty.

Thanks to my lovely fiancé the boring cleaning was done in no time as we both felt motivated early in the morning and just got it all done. Such a good feeling having all the housework done before midday! The last thing on my list was grocery shopping which I had to do myself today. Usually I had this because the stores are crowded and I get frustrated being unable to find things that I can back home. But as I walked to the store I realized that doing it by myself means that I can get all the tasty food I want, it was awesome.

IMG_20140830_135722[1]I love food. The one thing my fiancé and I disagree on is eating. I like to make food as tasty as possible and use different flavorings, cheeses and new ingredients. He has planer tastes and is happy with eggs on toast for dinner. So knowing that I was alone all weekend made me a little crazy, (btw that bacon is his, not mine).

I got the best bread (hard to find in Korea), Monterey Jack Cheese, pumpkin and beetroot to roast into amazingness, greek yoghurt, cream cheese and baking ingredients. I see mocha muffins on the horizon.

There was also a new find, pre-made iced coffee.


¬†I was skeptical as Korea isn’t really known for making good coffee, but it was on special so I grabbed a bag. It’s…. interesting. I think most people would enjoy this but it is too sweet for me. I might use it to make popsicles or in baking. Oh well.

It took a long time to get through the store and didn’t help that I ran into four of my students! I love them, but generally on the weekends I would prefer not to see students and their mums. It makes me feel so self-conscious, like they are checking out what I wear and what I buy. Silly I know.

After making it home I was starving so cooked up a yummy lunch of white beans, onions, tomato and mushrooms seasoned with some basil and served on toast.


It was fabulous. Now I am going to have a nap, it’s all exciting over here!









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