End of a Long Week

Hey there how’s it going?

I am feeling my age right now, I think staying out so late on Saturday caught up with me bad because my body was hit with a cold this week. It sucks working when you are sick, especially with kids who scream and want to play. Whenever I am sick I focus on two things – sleep and food. Workouts were pushed aside for more rest and my meals have involved a lot of greens and roasted garlic. So delicious, I could eat a disturbing amount of garlic when it has been roasted which may or may not be a good thing. The rest of my diet consisted of nectarines.


Korea is so seasonal with it’s fruit so I am eating as many as I can before they disappear.

I also munched on some vegetarian raymen because sometimes you just want some junk.


I pimped mine up by chucking in a few veggies and topping the bowl with a couple of fried eggs and a ton of hot sauce. Raymen is such a good go to meal! Usually I only use half the noodles so I can add some healthier things and still get my fix. On a side note, how’s this for adding more protein.

This weekend I plan on staying in with my book (sad), grocery shopping (sadder) and cleaning (the saddest). On a bright side I have the house to myself which means grocery shopping will involve splurging on good food that only I get to eat and I am hoping to get started on my wedding planning as it is getting closer! I leave you with what is possibly the best worksheet I have received from a kid, he had to draw his ultimate fantasy transportation. He chose an alligator train.


Have a lovely Friday night!






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