Mini Goals Round 3

Hey there,

I think I was pre-mature with my bragging yesterday about not being hangover. Today I felt queasy all day and really struggled to get through the classes. Moral of the story – no one is invisible to countless shots and jagerbombs.


Last week I did okay with all my mini-goals except for the protein. Why is this so hard! I drank a lot of water, did way less worrying, tried some new exercises and gave myself more time of working out. Overall pretty good but I looked at My Fitness Pal and my protein was way under. It is so frustrating when I am made an effort to eat more yoghurt, eggs and chickpeas all week long. One of my problems is probably that I count calories and end up worrying about that more then the protein.  So with that in mind here are this weeks mini-goals.

1) Try to lay back on the calorie counting and focus more on the quality of food.

2) Pure Barre three times a week (trying to get something new in, it leaves my legs quivering like Bambi’s which must mean it does some good).

3) Start writing again, just drafting one or two articles would be fantastic.,

4) Eat damn protein!

That’s it from me. I’m hoping for a good week, it was off to a nice start as one of the girl’s mums bought in doughnuts for the teachers today. I ate one and don’t feel guilty about it 🙂


Baby steps people.



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