Full of happy

This week I have felt so happy!


I’m not too sure why. There is nothing special happening, the weather has been gross and humid, and I have an orthodontist appointment this weekend filling with me dread each time I think about how much it might cost.

If anything, I can put this new positive attitude down to small changes I have made. Namely with stressing less about the little things and getting too caught up in having everything perfect. Usually I work myself up each day worrying about how I am going to fit in exercise, get jobs done for work and have a clean house. This week I have been more laid back about everything. We had a lot on at work but instead of trying to get it all done I sat down and did one thing at a time. My usual process is to start one job then halfway through remember how much more needs to be done so I begin another task. Then I end up with unfinished jobs and feeling even more overwhelmed.

IMG_20140730_130937[1]After changing to this one thing at a time mentality I got everything done pretty quick and felt a million times better at work. As for exercise, I have really been trying to stress less about working out twice a day. Yes, you read that right, twice a day! I have talked before about how exercise obsessed I can get and taking a break from it when my mum was here was a really good way of forcing myself to see that the world doesn’t end if I don’t work out. I have still been waking up to work out, but am not spending the day thinking about how I need to get home and jump into my gym clothes. Instead I am listening to my body and trying to relax more in the evenings. I even skipped this mornings workout as we had a friend staying the night, and this evenings so I could Skype my mum on her birthday. It may sound silly, but not working out once during the day is a big accomplishment for me and it means a  lot that I can do it without freaking out. I actually think I feel better for it.


Similarly I haven’t been worrying so much about the house being clean. It can’t look perfect all the time, and waiting a day to clean out the fridge wont kill me. It really is the little things that change how you feel!

These may sound like dumb insignificant factors, but having this more relaxed attitude to work and exercise has made me feel so happy this week. I feel relaxed, carefree and glorious 🙂

Plus there is still the weekend to look forward too!



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