End of Summer and Beach Weekend

Summer seemed way too short this year.


But already the weather is changing and the crazy heat is slowly fading away. Not to mention it has been pouring in Daegu lately – autumn is coming y’all!

To end the summer I went away with a few friends for a beach weekend to soak up the sun, try to tan and just relax. My vacation was so busy with my mum visiting and while it was awesome, I really didn’t feel rested afterwards. This and the public holiday we had on Friday meant the beach was a perfect place to visit. I took the train over to Busan on Friday and arrived around dinner time. There were drinks, Mexican food and norebang!


My norebang song is ‘Baby got Back’ by Sir MIx A lot. It took a long time but I know all the words and can pull off a damn good rap, if your going to have a norebang song then you gotta commit to it right 😉

Saturday we woke up and headed to the beach where we rented a few umbrellas and set up for the day.




The weather was so unbelievably perfect. After a few days of raining the sun was out and there was just enough breeze for the heat to not be killing me. We lay there all day, did some swimming, ate some quiznos and I even had a beach nap. It was glorious!


I feel like I should also mention that this was the first time I have worn a bikini in public – ever! After years of feeling so self-conscious I am happy to finally be at a point where I can just accept my body for what it is. I felt good, not only because I have been working out, but also because having my body with its flaws and all on display was kind of liberating. I kept reminding myself of the phrase which has been going around the internet this summer ‘how to get a bikini body, step 1 have a body, step 2 put bikini on.’ I love this!


We were on the beach for about 7 hours then headed back to get all dressed up and check out the night scene. I have to say that Busan in the evening is where it’s at! There is so much to see on the beach like fireworks, carnival games and performers. I loved just walking around and watching everyone enjoy the evening.

Of course it was a girls weekend so we had many a margaritas and girl talk. I didn’t take any pictures of that because what happens on a girls weekend stays on a girls weekend right?


Despite being a little sunburn I took the train back yesterday feeling so good about myself. I don’t get much of a chance in Korea to spend a lot of time with other girls – even meeting them is hard! But being around such lovely ladies and making new friends was fantastic. It’s so hard to move to a new country and put yourself out there, but when you do it is always worth it 🙂

Here’s to the end of summer!







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