Exercise, Food and Mini-goals

Hey there, this post is really random so I do apologize! I am still adjusting to being back at work and having my mum leave (saying goodbye seemed so much harder the second time around), so my mind is pretty all over the place. With that said here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

Getting out of my Exercise Rut

I have such an addictive personality and this usually means that I will find a workout that I like and religiously stick with it for months. Last year I was obsessed with zumba, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and more recently it was Shaun T’s Insanity; lately it has been 6 week 6 pack which I am doing every damn day like my life depends on it.


While it is good to be this commit to something, I know that it is also stupid. For one thing my body has adjusted to these workouts so 6 week 6 pack is no longer making me looked awesome. Instead the muscles have reached what they can and now each time I do it I hardly sweat and just whiz through it. Not only is it not benefiting my body as much, but I am getting bored and that makes it much harder to wake up and get my sweat on. While I was in Seoul and had no weights (or sports bra) to work out with, I did a lot more yoga and really enjoyed it. I reminded myself that exercising should be fun, who cares if one workout burns more calories then another, it is all about enjoying myself and always challenging my body. So I have been getting more yoga into my day and tried some of fitnessista.com’s barre burner workouts.


These hurt – in the good way – and made me realize that there are muscle groups I have been neglecting. My legs are still quivering like Bambie’s and I definitely feel like changing it up is going to benefit my body in the long run.  

Random Eats

I ate so much goodness when I was away and am trying to continue it here.


Some vegan Korean BBQ.


Greek salad that I managed to find at Seoul station. It had feta! and olives!! Something I haven’t eaten in 16 months so excuse the excitement.


A mega salad from The Blue Flying Pan in Seoul. Oh my goodness this was amazeballs! So good that my mum and I actually went back two days lately and I ate it again :S This baby had roasted pumpkin, greens, ricotta cheese, grapes, maple caramelized pumpkin seeds, rosemary dressing and pesto bread. I am dreaming of it now…


I baked some carrot and banana muffins yesterday that are disappearing fast, But they have carrot in them so that makes it okay right?


And so much bibimbap. Seriously I think I have eaten this almost every day lately. It is just so hard not to love it! Carbs, protein and fresh veggies – comfort in a bowl.


It might be the change in season, but I have been feeling motivated to change things up a bit so made a few mini-goals for myself over the next two weeks.

– drink more water. Always important but I tend to forget at work and then end up feeling snacky and sleepy as a result.

– Limit coffee buying to once a week. Not every day or two as is the trend at the moment, that ish is getting expensive.

– Do more yoga.

– Eat more protein. I am so bad at this, I need to get into the habit of making sure there is protein with every meal I have, especially with my snacks. I kicked that off today with a bowl of nectarines, yoghurt and a little pb after work, not too shabby.

– Stop stressing. When something is bugging me I need to ask myself, ‘does this need to get done right now?’ if it doesn’t then who cares. I spend way too much time worrying about making lessons, writing reports and cleaning the house. This week I want to stop and take a moment to relax.


So that’s me, how’s your week going? Any mini goals you have?


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