Vacation time!

Wow it has been awhile!

This week has just flown by and I have barely had a chance to sit down let alone check in. After getting through the last few days of work I FINALLY made it to vacation and my mum’s visit!!!

So much excitement. Even though she has only been here for three days we have gotten a lot done. Friday was spent walking around downtown to check out the shops and craziness of a city much bigger then the whole of NZ – and a visit to the cat café.


You can just drink coffee and hang out in a room full of cats. It sounds so fun but cats are just so lazy and spend most of the day sleeping. Still I think it is worth checking out just for the creepy feeling of sitting and then see a cat somewhere up by the ceiling or on a shelf sleeping – like a zombie movie.

Plus there were some cute fluffy ones.


We probably walked for several hours in the 37degree sun, not too shabby. Saturday was spent checking out Duryu Park and the new 83 Tower which looks out over the whole of Daegu. The view is fantastic and while I did snap a photo, it was from inside the bathroom because I found it so funny to be sitting there looking at the city.


Despite the heat, yesterday, we managed to walk up to Gatbawi – my favorite temple in the sky.



Koreans take their hiking so seriously! This was a long day as the temple is about an hour away by bus and we stayed for lunch. For those in the Daegu area this is a very easy day trip that is well worth it. Simply take bus no. 401 from downtown on the same side of the road as the Lotte department store. Ride the bus right to the final stop which is called Gatbawi and you’re there!  Last night I was exhausted and my legs were killing me, luckily yoga helped with that!

Today was the beach day. Usually when I go to Busan we head out to Haeundae which is the main beach – but is also over an hour away by subway. This time I decided to check out Gwangalli beach and I am so pleased we did.


The beach is much closer then Haeundae and it just as beautiful. Plus because it is a little smaller most people don’t bother with it so the whole coast was pretty quiet all day. We lay in the sun, ate Mexican food by the sand and managed to get sunburnt despite lathering on the cream – curse my Irish and Scottish background! One of the highlights of Busan for me is always going to the Fuzzy Navel to get Mexican food – something Korea never seems to get right. The food there is delicious and they have a novel full of drinks and cocktails to choose from. I didn’t realise until today but there are three Fuzzy Navel’s in Busan, including one on each beach. It makes Gwangalli even better as there one is right along the coastline and has a beautiful view. If anyone is out in Busan I recommend going to Gwangalli, just head over to Gwangan subway station and get out at exit 3 or 5, you can’t miss it.


I am having a great holiday, but have to say that my exercise obsession is making it a little hard to relax. I worked out hard last week knowing that it would be more difficult when my mum was here, and not being able to get in my usual Monday morning sweat really bothered me today. It doesn’t help that I have been unable to control my diet as much as I like.

Having a visitor in Korea means eating out a lot and also eating things I may not usually go for as I am trying to make sure my mum gets to try everything here. We dinned on bibimbap and noodles downtown which were yummy but carb heavy, have tried different Paris Baguette breads like mango cream and coffee bun, eaten a generous amount of pizza and had so many snacks. It is great to introduce someone to different restaurants and to eat out all the time but I still get this nagging feeling that I am going to wake up with all my good work eating clean and exercising undone. I guess I need to keep living in the moment and trying to relax while I am on holiday. After all one week of a few more treats in a mostly healthy diet isn’t that bad, not to mention all the walking we have been doing.


One of the healthy and most foodgasmic things we have eaten was lunch at Gatbawi. I had bought some kimbap with the expectation that there would be nothing there to eat, but spotted a small restaurant with some vegetarian friendly and Korean options. I ordered us acorn jelly (dorimuk) salad which was spicy and refreshing, plus a plate of tofu with a soy and chilli sauce that was downright amazing. My mum doesn’t eat meat either so it was good to find something traditional that we could eat. Made up for the pizza later that night!

I am off to sleep and rest my legs. Tomorrow we are relaxing and I will catch up with mum later on, I think I need a date with the fiancé before I head away to Seoul for 6 days. Hope you’re having a lovely week!



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