sunshine and manicures

Hey there, never thought I would say this but I am so happy it is Monday!!

Not only did I get my shit done this weekend, but my mum is here on Thursday and vacation can begin. I hope this week flies by!

My weekend was one of those productive yet relaxing ones. It was just perfect really. I got up early on Saturday to finish my reports and writing. When I sat down in front of the computer with no distractions I found it easy and ended up getting everything done. I think it was one of those situations where I had a lot of small jobs to do that don’t really take long individually, they had just all piled up into a big daunting task. After I finished up I did a little housework then headed downtown to relax.

Coffee in the sunshine.


A falafel in the park.


We spent the entire afternoon just enjoying the sun and just taking time to forget about the craziness of the week.


Saturday night was pretty quiet. It was just so incredibly hot! I spent the night on the couch playing sega, drinking coconut water cocktails and blasting the fun – bliss.

Yesterday I caught up with a friend and had my nails done after far too long. My cuticles with terribly overgrown and as I am always applying and removing nail polish they were dry as hell. I think I shocked the women who worked on them, she took about 20 minutes longer to do mine then she did my friends.


They look fantastic now, I need to remember to get this done more!

Again last night was way too hot and I ended up lying around eating insane amount of watermelon, there really is no better summer food.


All in all a really great weekend:) How was yours?


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