Still Happy

Hey there

Those who know me will appreciate how typical it is that I got right to the end of the 100 days of happiness and couldn’t quite finish it. In my defense, however, this week has been insane. I have been bombarded with assignments and work that needs to be done by a certain date and as a result I have had no life. Although buying a cute Asian day planner did make my happy this week and take away from some of the stress.


As I have two weeks off work for my mum’s visit I needed to plan the classes that I am missing and give them to the teachers who will be taking them. This means creating lesson plans, home work and activities and flashcards for about 45 different classes which has been an epic task. On top of that I was told only a few days ago that we needed to write out 31 kindergarten reports cards and have them done by mid week and that there are tests on my first day back which we need to create for each class. So I have been busy doing all of this while still teaching 9 classes a day, phew!

In my spare time I am also part of a magazine which is to come out in the next month or so. Of course the article deadlines are due the same day as all this other crap so my evenings have been a craziness of flipping back between writing reports and about beauty products you need backpacking. When I know more about the magazine launch I will share more details, but I promise it will be awesome.

This crazy week ended with a field trip to the water park – it’s like the world is out to get me!


We took 31 kids aged 3 -5 to this enormous resort with water slides, wave pools and amusement park rides. Of course they are too young to do all the fun stuff, so we spend the day pulling kids down a fake river and helping them on a small slide. Swimming lessons aren’t really a thing in Korea so every water park requires children to have a blow up tube when they are in the water. This makes things a little easier, but it was a long day of frantically looking around to check that no-one was in trouble. Small children and a packed out water park is a recipe for disaster.


The kids loved the day though, and that is what made me happy. Amongst all the stress and work of this week I am thankful to work with kids who remind me to have fun and relax.


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