Happiness Day 97

Damn it is hot today!

I woke up and was blasted in the face with hot air the second I opened to door. Needless to say it was hard to get a workout going! I was a sweaty beast afterwards.

On a brighter note, my mosquitos bites are much better. Yesterday was infuriating as I couldn’t stop itching and my co-teachers thought it was really funny – great joke guys! The kids were very concerned for me, however. My happiness came when one girl saw my bites and insisted on sharing her mosquito medicine with me.


I had already bought some of this in the morning, and to be honest it wasn’t that great. It does help the itchiness but when you have this many huge bites something a little stronger would be better. Still it got me through the day. Although I had some in my back I was very thankful for the girl who walked over and started rubbing it on my legs telling me it was the special medicine. Really lovely of her.

In other happy related news, it’s only a week and a half until vacation. I am trying my best not to check out but it is hard. Lets hope this week flies by!


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