Happiness Days 94 and 95

Only a few more days of this happiness thing left, better make them good ones.

My work dinner on Friday night was fabulous. The annoying co-worker didn’t come and we went to a buffet which included all you can drink beer and wine. How can you not complain! I ate a lot of amazing food but didn’t snap any pictures as the lighting was terrible. So instead here are two happiness photos from Saturday.

Yesterday involved a lot getting shit done. We started off downtown so the fiancé could get a haircut and I could buy a swimsuit for Friday’s water park field trip. I found one that I actually liked and didn’t hate myself it (thanks Jillian Michaels), then stumbled across this bag.



I love pugs!! However I am trying to save money as vacation is in two weeks and it was a little pricey. It was very hard not to buy this.

After a massive grocery shop we did housework (yawn) and I started work on making out wedding invitations. They are still a work in progress but as I can’t find any that I like online I decided to give it a go. It is either a great idea or a terrible one.

After a lengthy Skype call home I made some banana bread and cocktails to take to a BBQ that evening. A couple of our friends are lucky enough to get on their roof and bought up a grill last night for a western style summer shindig.


It was a beautiful night full of tasty food and great people. We ended up going downtown later on and while I didn’t have more then a few drinks, I got home at 5am this morning. Needless to say today is going to be a lazy Sunday.

What are your plans today? 


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