Happiness Day 93

Hello there, happy Friday!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. After the past few ones being spent working and travelling to Busan and Gwangju I am in need of some relaxation time. I want to do nothing other then hang around Daegu. Tomorrow my plans include buying a swimsuit for the field trip to the pool next week (god help us that is going to be a stressful day), grocery shopping (zero food in this house), and going to a friends for a cookout in the evening. I love summer!


Tonight I do have a work dinner as a thank you for working on open day and attending training a few Saturday’s ago. I usually don’t like these things as they can be awkward and the food is usually BBQ. However tonight we are going to a buffet with all you can drink wine and beer, um dangerous! We are trying to convince our annoying co-worker to not go so that we can just hang with the Korean teachers and have fun. When he attends these things we get stuck talking to him as the Korean’s can’t stand his chatty, loud behavior. Anyone else have unpopular co-workers?

Yesterday one thing made me happy – green smoothies!


They are making me feel so good right now. Starting my day with one is leaving me feeling refreshed and healthy all day. It is also a good way to get some vegetables into my diet before I head off to the Korean school lunch and it’s lack of.

I am off to work, here’s hoping for a fun night!


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