What do you eat in Korea? – A day of food

People often ask me what the food is like Korea. While they know it involves a lot of rice and kimchi, questions like ‘what do you eat for breakfast?’ and ‘how do you eat as a vegetarian?’ are usually the first things I get asked. I was always unsure about these things before coming here, so thought I would give an insight into a usual day of eats for me. To be honest, eating in Korea is pretty much the same as back home.



Lately with the ho weather I have been making a green smoothie in the morning with a small side of cereal. I blend spinach, watermelon, banana and cinnamon with a little water. Sound and looks terrible but it tastes amazing as the watermelon makes it super refreshing and the banana adds creaminess.


If I haven’t made a smoothie I will just have a big bowl of special K (yes you can get special K in Korea) with fruit, yoghurt and cacao nibs on to. Yum!


We get this provided by the school and it is kind of rude not to eat it. There are days where it is just too seafood for me and I go downstairs to buy something, but usually there is rice and some sort of vegetable which I eat along with carrot sticks and nut butter form home to keep me going.


This one was some sort of shredded potato with pepper, roasted pumpkin from home and, of course, rice!



I am a serious snacker. At work I usually have a pack of nuts halfway through the afternoon as lunch is at 12 and we don’t finish until 6. There is generally some fruit thrown in there too, on this day I had watermelon.



We do go out a lot but I also cook at home. On nights when my fiance is at the gym he feeds himself and I just make a stir fry packed with tofu, beans or eggs.


This night I made a chilli sauce and cooked up random veggies, a few beans and topped a fried egg and some cheese on top. You can tell I am trying hard lately to up my protein.

That’s a pretty standard day for me. Of course there are usually a few pieces of chocolate and spoons of almond butter thrown in there for good measure but they escaped the camera (if you don’t photograph it then it doesn’t count right?)

What have you been eating lately?


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