Happiness Day 91

Hey there, how’s your week going?

Mine is swell, apart from the terrible humidity. There is a typhoon hitting Japan this week and we have had serious rain shower which are followed by hot sticky grossness. I feel so sweaty and disgusting all the time.

Despite this, I still managed to work out yesterday and face something that I have been avoiding for awhile now. Shaun T.


You may remember that I was doing Insanity like a mo fo up until I injured my ankle. I had to take a couple of months off and in this time I have lost all the crazy motivation to get insane. It is just so hard and with the weather all hot the idea of getting that sweaty is daunting. Last night I sucked it up and forced myself to do an insanity workout. It was hard, I wanted to die, but I did it. Knowing that I can still get through one of Shaun T’s crazy session made me happy.

Disgusting but happy.


Have a great Wednesday!


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