Happiness Day 90

Re-reading a childhood favorite.


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When I was younger I was really into reading. Friday nights or Saturday mornings we would go to the library where I would grab piles and piles of books to last me until next weeks trip. The rest of my weekend was usually spent lying in my room devouring book after book. When I got to 12 this teetered off a little and other things took focus, but reading has always been my favorite thing in life. I think that’s why Matilda stuck with me. She loved reading as much as I did and I always felt we would be great friends. The story is also so appealing, the horrid Trunchbull was terrifying for me and I loved Miss Honey for the way she treated children. Let’s face it, kids books don’t get much better then Roland Dahl!

I decided to read the story again – it has been about 15 years – and it still held up. From the opening passage when Dahl talks about how if he was a teacher he would say horrible things to the parents about the children he hated, everything about this book is just so fun. It made me very happy 😀



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