Happiness Day 89 – ultimate sandwich

I seriously love eating. My fiancé often remarks that he has never met someone who thinks about food as much as me. I can’t just have a couple of pieces of toast, I have to pile them with almond butters, cheese or vegetables in order to step it up a notch.  With that in mind I find it hard travelling when you are often eating snack food or out of convenience stores. Having a bag of chips for lunch just does not sit well with me.

We got the bus back from Gwangju around 10:30 and knowing that it was a good three hours I managed to find some bananas and a whole wheat roll from the 7/11 at the bus terminal to take for the ride. The thing that makes this harder is that I always try to eat healthy, so I am looking for something that is delicious but will also give me a fruit or vegetables hit. Oh my first world problems!


The bus always stops at a rest area a couple hours into the trip and you can buy hot food from the snack cart. Usually this is just things like burgers, fish cakes (why Korea), squid stick and different items that aren’t up my alley. But the one on yesterday route stepped it up a notch with roasted baby potatoes.


Ahhh bliss! But of course I have to take things up a level and make life difficult. So I decided to create a makeshift sandwich on the bus by taking out the inside of my roll and filling it with yummy potatoes, salt and ketchup.


It was mind blowing. The best thing I have eating in days and it definitely made me happy! This post is long considering it is just about a really good sandwich, but that is my point. I love food and taking the time to make tasty meals. Food is not about getting full for me, it is about enjoying myself. I can’t just eat a quick snack, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Bring on todays eats!


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