Happiness Day 87

iHerb never fails to disappoint!

I am always looking for a reason to order something. Oh we are out of oats? Better get the iherb going! For some reason I never consider the idea of just going without for awhile. My last order came yesterday when I was at work and of course that made me super happy. I had the usual – oats, Justin’s AB, Sunbutter and iced green tea with mint – but I always like to try something new when I order from iHerb. This time I went for cacao nibs as I heard they are full of antioxidants and my theory was that they will be so chcoolately that all cravings will be satisfied quickly and healthily.


These are amazing.

I have a strong love for chocolate and will always go for a really strong dark flavor like the 85% cocoa Lindt blocks. So while the nibs may be too strong for some they are like crack to me. I cannot stop eating them! I do realize that at the rate I am going they are probably not that healthy but I just don’t care. Today I had some sprinkled on my cereal and it was breakfast changing. You know I am going to be buying these again… now how long do I have to wait before I can order some iHerb again?




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