Happiness Day 84 and 85

Hey there

Sorry for my moan before! I am trying to complain less and think much more positively. I have been the center of good health this week as I try to move out of this slump. Starting off on Wednesday with less coffee and more green smoothies!


Laden with spinach, watermelon and banana – my favorite mix. The banana adds enough sweetness for me while also making thickness so I don’t need to pile in extras like yoghurt and honey. Nothing wrong with this, I just like to add crunchy topping to my smoothies like nuts, cereal and protein balls so I try to save calories in the drink itself and make up for it on the top.


I have also been hitting the yoga hard which has helped. It is so good just to clear my mind and stretch things out. Usually I focus on burning calories and getting sweaty but as I don’t have any weight to lose there is zero reason for this other then my exercise problem. Shifting my mindset to workouts that I enjoy rather then feel like I have to do has made exercise time a lot happier.


And today I was blessed with having only one student in my class. The co-teacher let me get through out work and then sit back while he watched a movie. A nice little surprise break!

Things are starting to feel a little better for me – plus tomorrow is Friday! How that can not make you happy?


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