Happiness Day 83


I really don’t know what is wrong with me lately. There is so much goodness in my life, work is fine and all the hurdles have been jumped, my mum is coming in just under four weeks, the weather is beautiful… I could go on and on. Yet for some reason I have been feeling really down and depressed. Perhaps it is having everything going so well for once in my life, I think I thrive of challenges and having something to do? Whatever it is I am really over it. Yesterday at work I got into such a slump, feeling tired and just basically really sad. I knew there was no reason for, but I just couldn’t shake the bad mood.

I came home and tried to exercise to get some endorphins going, but halfway through the workout I felt exhausted and like I was dragging. There was zero motivation in me and I just lay on the couch watching Golden Girls. Not to terrible an evening but I couldn’t bring myself to do much else. Right now I need to focus on the happiness even more to try and get myself out of this rut and back to my usual positive self!

Starting with the free coffee at work.



One of the kids mums is known for bringing treats in for the staff and yesterday just as we were about to go downstairs to get a snack she turned up with free coffee for everybody. So thoughtful and appreciated! She really knows the way to a teachers heart.


Right let’s shake out of this slump and bring on a good Wednesday!


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