Happiness Day 82

Hey there

How are things with you? Not much has been going on over here! I spent Sunday doing absolutely nothing but relaxing and not being around kids. It was glorious. Some Lemon Mousse Cheesecake ice-cream may have been involved, by far my new favorite flavor.

I also managed to get in some yoga on Sunday which left me feeling damn good. Seriously is there anything better then stretching? Sometimes I feel so crappy and run down but just 5 minutes of stretching it out completely changes my mood.

Yesterday was a standard Monday. Nothing too amazing. I did end the night with some more yoga, I can repeat the happiness things right? Because both days yoga has made me feel good!

Although yesterday these cuties came a close second.
An old photos but they are still just as sweet. We spent the class yesterday chasing each other and having tickle fights as I quickly realized they were too tired to focus on much else. I love getting hugs from them on a boring Monday!
I am off to work, catch you later!


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