Hapiness Day 79

Hey there

Things have been cra cra lately with our open day tomorrow. I am so nervous about teaching in front of the parents. I don’t want to tell off the kids or have them not understand something when their mums are sitting right there! On a side note it will be the mums as dads in Korea are usually working Saturday’s or have nothing to do with school activities, it’s a little 1950s here. Keeping my happy has been my new bulletproof coffee.

There is buzz that all coffee has toxins in it and bullet proof coffee is the only kind that doesn’t have any. While I am not too sure about this, the coffee tastes delicious and hasn’t been giving me the same sort of caffeine crash.

Also keeping me happy are these babies.

Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups, ahhh!! So yummy! But unfortunately I only have one left and iherb are out of stock. I might have a go at making my own this weekend.

I should also mention that my foot is back to normal! After nearly four weeks of pain and being unable to do much more then hobble I can final walk right. I even exercised on it this week without any issues. So pleased that I got it checked out!

take some time to relax and think

take some time to relax and think

I am off to work to try and drill tomorrows class into the kids so they get everything perfect and impress the hell out of their mums 😀 Happy Friday!


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