Happiness Day 78 – Melatonin for sweet sleep

Good morning!

I turned the week around and had a great day yesterday. Starting with sorting out my open class to a lesson that will go really well and impress the parents (touch wood), and ending with the arrival of my melatonin!



I have mentioned before how much trouble I have falling asleep. Ever since I was young this has been a huge issue in which some night I lie down and just can’t sleep for whatever reason. I have tried eliminating sugar, caffeine, doing night yoga, meditating, drinking milk, eating cherries… well just everything! I read a lot about using melatonin to help with sleep and decided I needed to try it. Rather then knocking you out like a sleeping pill, melatonin is a hormone replacement. It balances out the ones that help you fall asleep as usually any issues in this department are caused by an imbalance. This would explain why I have always had such trouble with my sleep so I was excited to try it. Unfortunately you can’t ship melatonin into Korea, some weird customs rule, so I had to get a friend who lives on the army base to buy it for me. They have different rules on base and can get a lot of products that the rest of us can’t. It is the source of jealousy a lot of the time.

The result? I have to say that while I have only used it once this baby seems promising!! I took a pill and felt so relaxed, rather then knock me out it just eased me into sleep and I managed to be out in fifteen minutes. I was worried that this morning it would be hard to wake up and I might have a sleep hangover, but instead I felt well rested. Fingers crossed this keeps working! If not there is always coffee 🙂


And coffee ice cubes!


I made a batch last night and am sitting here sipping a beautiful iced coffee wondering why I never did it sooner. Bring on the day!




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