Beauty Routine – do we need a primer?


I have never had an extensive beauty routine. Most of my life it consisted of nothing more than cleanser and moisturizer, perhaps a face mask every now and then to feel pampered. But in the past year I have been exposed to some serious heat and begun to care more about my skin. Using products on it isn’t always about making yourself look good, it is also about taking care of your skin. Over the course of the day it gets exposed to so much and needs a little love.

Primer is one of those things that I always put in the ‘unnecessary’ file in my mind. The purpose of primer is to provide a bas eon which to apply makeup. Primer keeps it in place and stops it from sliding off your face during the day. Back in NZ I occasionally used a primer for a night out and it really did the trick. Not only does it keep your makeup looking good, but primer gives your face a little extra moisture and helped prevent the dryness it can get from makeup. I always used Australias primer which costs $20 NZ and lasted me for two years. This was when I only used the products on a weekend before I went out, but still not too bad for money. This brand did the trick and was well worth it.

While primer is fantastic for keeping makeup where it should be, I have recently begun using it for other reasons. Many primers will come with sunscreen and while I sound like your mum, you need to be using sun screen on your face! Think about how much sun damage your skin gets in a day. Not only does it dry you out, but it is going to contribute to wrinkles. While we are a bit young to be worrying about that, it is always something to keep in mind.



I use Innisfree primer with Jeju minerals and green tea extract. This comes with sunscreen and is very hick which means the smallest amount goes a long way. Each morning after washing my face I apply a little bit of primer, wait a couple of minutes and then do my foundation. I have had this $20 bottle for a year and it is no-where near running out. While primer may seem expensive at first, it really does last!

A few tips when using this product

– Don’t over do it! You really do only need a little bit as too much will make your skin feel and look oily.

– Apply primer after doing your eye-shadow. If any crumbs fall onto your face, the primer will keep them there all day which can’t be good for your skin.

– Wait after applying. I found that when I put foundation on right after using the primer my skin was really oily and gross all day. It needs time to be absorbed by your skin, a couple of minutes should do it.

So do you need a primer? I see it as an important part of my routine. Not only is it good to be responsible and be protected from the sunn, but it has made my skin a little softer and fresher. Even better is not having to check and re-apply makeup during the day! That is something that really makes primer worth my while.


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