Happiness Day 77

Yesterday I had one of those days where everything goes wrong. We have an open class coming up this Saturday when the parents turn up to watch a typical lesson at the school. Our course they are anything but typical as we make sure the content is something easy for the kids but also impressive to the parents, plus kids act weird when their mum and dad are there. I had this idea to make ice-cream in a bag as we have been studying liquids and solids lately (yes at kindergarten). You know the old trick where you fill a bag with ice and salt and place a smaller bag of milk and sugar inside it and then just shake like crazy? I tried it out at home last week and it actually worked so yesterday I thought I would be smart and do a tester with an actual class.


I don’t know what happened but it just failed. Like wouldn’t freeze, was messy as hell because some kids decided to punch the bag and send ice everywhere. It was embarrassing and I had to clean up, apologize profusely to my co-teacher and realize that I have nothing planned for this weekend. Which at this point is stressful. The activities I had in the afternoon also didn’t end up going well and I left work feeling like a total failure of a teacher and human being – and I still don’t know what to do on Saturday for the parents.

To drown my sorrows I made the classic banana soft-serve ice-cream that never fails.


In this mix, frozen banana, nutella, peanut butter and walnuts. Yum!! It made me happy as food does. And now I am putting out feelings for a positive Tuesday!


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