Happiness Day 76 – you better be eating watermelon

Happy Monday!

Yeah I know, that’s an oxymoron. Yesterday I managed to turn the weekend around after the failed beach trip. Starting with a walk downtown which is something I haven’t been able to do for a few weeks now. It was so nice to be able to walk down the street without it killing my ankle, plus it was a beautiful day which always brightens my mood. I met a friend for coffee and we continued our quest to find the cutest most Korean coffee shops that we can. Yesterdays was a good contender.


I had a peanut butter latte- holy yum! I think it was basically a latte with a huge scoop of pb in it but it worked. My friend had an oreocchino which was just impressive as hell. I loved my old school mug and the little dollies they served everything on. These are the things I will miss about Korea.


On the way home we stopped into a mart to search out some corn chips and I went a little crazy in the snack department. I hadn’t had lunch and ended up leaving with corn chips, salsa and nutella. But really can you blame me!

It occurred to me that this weekend I hadn’t eaten a vegetable other then a bit of cabbage in my Mexican lunch on Saturday :S After a couple of days full of cheese pizza, wedges, quesadillas and peanut butter I thought I should balance it out and ended up making a spinach, banana and watermelon smoothie when I got home.

So delicious and made me feel much better! 

I have been eaten a ton of watermelon as we bought an enormous one from the fruit stand on Saturday night.


It is insanely big and is requiring a lot of attention before the thing goes all gross and furry. In this household watermelon needs to served with every meal.


Not too bad of a Sunday. Now let’s get this week over and done with! 



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