Happiness Day 75 – failed beach trip

Let’s go to the beach-each!

Daegu is only a 40 minute train ride away from Busan, a smaller city located right on the coastline. This place gets so busy as it is one of the few beaches in Korea, but is also a city full of restaurants and bars along the coast. I love going there for a day trip just to lie on the beach in the sun. They also have an amazing Mexican restaurant which we visit every time we are there. As things have been hectic at work lately, I had this brilliant idea to go to the beach on Saturday to relax. I had visions of the sun, sand and margaritas.

But sometimes shit happens and your day does not turn out how you invisioned.

First off we took the slow train which we have taken before and is found fine. It is only about an hour and a half long and comfortable enough. The train yesterday must have been on it’s last legs because it was so clunky and dirty. We kept jolting at random times which just made me feel uneasy after all the trouble Korea has had lately in relation to public transport. To top it off, the compartment we were in smelt terribly of dried fish that someone had been eating. Not the nicest of smells and by the time we reached Busan I was desperate for fresh air.

I bounded off the train and was met with… RAIN! Ahhh why!!!!! After a random heat stroke and a promising summer Korea was hit with a rainy day, how typical. Still we decided to hop on the subway to the beach as by this point we were both pretty hungry and wanting some good Mexican eats.

Remembering that the beach is about half an hour by subway from the train station I thought I was prepared. But for whatever reason the subway wasn’t as short as I remembered. It took nearly an hour to get to the damn coastline. By now I was hangry and starting to realize that this may be a failed day.
The food was good and hope re-surfaced. We ate and headed down to the beach… Just as it started pouring with rain and the wind kicked in. I should mention here that as it was sunny in Daegu neither of us was dressed for this weather. I had on jandals and a summer dress which was in danger of flashing my white booty to Korea. After a brief discussion on if we should at least go to look at the beach we decided to bail.
The rest of the day was spend in an Irish pub with wedges, beer and wine.
When it was time to head back we were aware of how long it could take and decided to leave just over an hour before our train departed. I was proud of us being all responsible. Until we had seven stops to go and I glanced at my watch (well phone), and saw that there was only 15 minutes left. Panic followed. How did that subway take so damn long!
We were in pretty bad moods on the subway thinking that we would have to buy new tickets and wait around for another train. Not the best situation as by now I just wanted to be back home and done with the day. As the subway stops passed I started to realize that there was slight hope we could make this. Like really slight but I was not giving up.
Busan station with 2 minutes to spare and had to run through the subway (the dress and jandals were feeling really inappropriate at this point), pushing past ajummas and kids. Of course Busan station is up at mountain of stairs that killed my legs and I ran across the floors to the gate with my chest burning. I felt like my feet were going to slip out of my shoes and there was going to be a wardrobe malfunction on the chest department. As we reached the gate a women was closing the train doors so the Mr. started shouting out to wait. She was super pissed, but she waited!!
Thank god we caught that train, literally right in the last second. It was the one thing that made me happy yesterday.
The day was fail, but I am sure that in a few years I was laugh about the day we wanted to escape to the beach and everything went wrong.


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