Happiness Day 74 – Market Day Cuteness



and Candy Floss at work


Best day ever!

We had market day yesterday and our school went all out. The kids had fake dollars and we pimped out the hall with a grocery shop, stationary mart, toy store and food court. The made little bags and walked around haggling and going crazy over buying things which was, of course, really cute. I loved watching them get excited about buying something like an eraser or making sure that they had a present for a brother or sister at home.



It makes me happy doing things like this at work because I know these kids so well and seeing them have fun is special. I also really appreciate that the school care enough to go to all this effort. God knows how much cash the owner dropped on all the toys, food and fancy new machines. But he does it because he wants them to have an amazing day. And they loved it.


Some questionable purchases were made. It is always funny to see what kids will buy.



Have a lovely weekend!




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