Happiness Day 73 – Just what is a serum and why you NEED it!



Korean girls are unique characters. They make weird giggling noises, wear bows in their hair no matter what age, and have a serious obsession with skincare. It is impossible to walk down a street in Korea without bumping into a beauty shop like Olive Young or The Face Shop, and it is even harder to not go in. Skincare products are much cheaper then they are in NZ, and there is a much wider range. Before I came here I thought all our skin needed was to a cleaner and moisturizer – maybe a toner if you can afford it! But Korea has since informed me otherwise, my skincare routine should involve (in order) cleaner, exfoliator, toner, perhaps a face mask, serum, and moisturizer! I never really got into this side of Korea, but last year the hot and humid Daegu summers really took a toll on my skin. Like most people I have had terrible skin as long as I can remember. It’s an uneven tone, oily in parts and super dry under my eyes… basically it is just a disaster. I decided to drop a little money on all these potions and find out what the hell a serum is.


Basically a serum is a product that tackles particular problems you have with your skin. It might even out the tone, reduce wrinkles or help with dryness. A serum does what a cleanser and moisturizer can’t and really is what makes your skincare routine. I had heard a lot about Dr.Jart and decided to go with this Speedy Clear serum which promises to help with breakouts an dry skin. It was a little pricey, around $30 NZ or 30,000won. However a little bottle with last a long time and is worth the investment.

Serum is easy to use. Each evening after applying toner simply rub a little on your face. Only a small amount is needed and it is part of the night time routine rather then the morning one. After using this serum for a month all I can say is, damn! I am a convert and wishing that I had hoped on the serum bandwagon a long time ago. Things I have noticed:

– the tone is even for the first time in forever.

– all oiliness is gone, as is the dryness I used to get under my eyes. Now I just have a soft fresh feeling all over my face.

– My makeup stays on much better during the day meaning I don’t need to touch it up at all.

– The breakouts I used to get at certain times of the month are gone!

Overall my skin just feels much more consistent. It looks good and feels fantastic every day. While Korea might be a little obsessed with skin, it is for good reason. If you have particular issues with your skin that you would like to change then using a serum is completely worth it!




3 thoughts on “Happiness Day 73 – Just what is a serum and why you NEED it!

  1. Hi there, Can you tell me where you bought it? I found it on Strawberrynet, but it’s way more than $30. Thanks!

    • hey, I actually bought it off amazon.com. It was $32 with shipping which is a pain. But I have had the bottle for about 4 months and it is still pretty full. You only use such a small amount which makes it a little easier to pay so much. I wish stores in NZ would sell things like this!

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