Happiness Day 72 and when it is all too much

Hello there, happy mid week!

I have been making some progress on my slight exercise addiction. With my ankle still killing me I have begun to take a much more realistic look at my life right now. I spend a couple of hours a day working out, which is a lot of time that could be spent doing other things. Until recently my days looked like this,

7-7:45 wake up and work out, usually strength training like 6 week 6 pack.

7:45-9:30 shower, eat, relax on the internet, keep trying to wake up

9:30-6 work

6:30-7:30 work out, often this was Shaun T’s insanity.

7:30-9 cook dinner, clean, make lunches or breakfasts in advance. Eat

9-11 get ready for tomorrow, try to get some writing done, attempt to relax by reading.

as you can see there was very little time spend doing something recreational like watch a TV show or just blob in front of my laptop. For some reason exercising hasn’t been making me feel better. Instead I do it, then spend the time afterwards stressing about something dumb like a dirty fridge or the dishes not being done. It is stupid I know, but rather then feeling relaxed and accomplished after a work-out, it seems to trigger feeling of anxiety in me. I have started to realize that this is probably because it is taking up too much time in my day, leaving me little time to do anything else. To compensate, I feel like I need to rush and get everything done. There never seems to be a pause button with me, instead it is like I am constantly thinking about what needs to be done next.

This injury has really made me stop. Not just because I know I should rest it, but because I realized that I could do some serious damage and make the situation worse. The turning point was when it dawned on me that my mum is visiting in 5 weeks and I want to be able to do things like go hiking with her. If my ankle is still busted then I wont be able to do these fun things. I have been taking it easier but to be honest up until yesterday I had not considered just how bad this could be. In fact last week I did some brief cardio, telling myself that it was getting better but really because I was so worried about how missing out all this exercise was going to effect me. Right now it has been three weeks and nothing is better, it saddens me that I put this dumb anxiety before my overall health.

I apologize for the whining, it’s over now I promise. Right now I am in the processes of tracking down an English speaking doctor who can help me, while I have a pharmacy bought support on my leg (surprisingly it helped a lot today). The most important thing is that I did ten minutes of weights, and then sat my ass down. Yup no yoga, no strength training, just me and season two of Orange is the New Black. Until this starts to get better I am putting common sense first and resting my damn injury! About time right!!



Now onto the happiness!

I am a huge starbucks cup whore. I feel like I have to drop too many dollars on one every time I visit a new city. Today I realized that I was probably wasn’t a lot of plastic cups when I buy a coffee a few times a week. So I treated myself and bought one of those fancy plastic re-usable ones.


It looks cool, I like the straw, and it is much better for the environment if I ask the store to fill this up instead of using a plastic cup each time. Well that is how I am justifying the purchase anyway…

Take care, I’m going to go and rest up 🙂


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