Happiness Day 70

Hey there,

I am a sleepy mo fo today (how many times do I say this) after a bad weekend of a terrible awake to sleep ratio. Saturday night was a late one and I woke up early with the intention that I would be able to fall asleep earlier last night and be all rested for the morning. I should know by now that this never happens as I am a night owl and seem to get crazy energy around 11pm.


Crazy is right.

God knows when I fell asleep, but I did manage to wake up to get in some Jillian Michaels time before work. I know I am meant to be taking a break from exercise but I was really good over the weekend and yoga was the extent of my work outs.

Yesterday was spend cleaning and feeling bored at home before a coffee date with a girl in Daegu. Being overseas has made me feel like I am single and looking for love as I am constantly trying to meet new people and going on friend dates. This one went well, we grabbed coffee in a typically cute Korean café, check out how they served us coffee.


Yes that would be a lego toy relaxing on a beach chair. It is very romantically and added to the date aspect of the afternoon. After some bus confusion (in which I hopped on at the wrong side of the road and ended up having to get off and turn around), I made it home for some relaxing Sunday night pampering.


Korean face masks make me happy.

Now I am drinking coffee like it is nobody’s business and trying to get ready for Monday and screaming kids. Who knows, maybe tonight I will fall asleep at a reasonable time!



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